Dennis Hastert: What A Maroon

Teach mention the issue with Hastert having a hissy fit over the search of Rep. William Jefferson’s (D-La) Capital Hill office. He is still freaking out.

As John Hawkins at Right Wing News points out:

Moreover, trying to use the Constitution as a shield in this case is pure bunk. If you look at Article 6, Section 1 of the Constitution, it says:

“They shall in all Cases, except Treason, Felony and Breach of the Peace, be privileged from Arrest during their Attendance at the Session of their respective Houses, and in going to and returning from the same; and for any Speech or Debate in either House, they shall not be questioned in any other Place.”

Rep. William Jefferson (D-La) is accused of felonies.

Furthermore, his office is NOT HIS! It is the property of the People of the United States of America.

Send a message to Dennis Haster here. Use the zip code 60510.

More from Hot Air, where Bryan wonders if Hastert is illiterate.

I wonder if Teach is going to have to add a category for idiot Republicans Congress Critters?

More: Ogre wonders if Congress is above the law, but has no references to Steven Seagal 😉

The Gun Toting Liberal (who I really should read more, rather then delving into the fever swamps of the DU and such) wonders “what we would find if we were to root through all of the drawers and computers of the 535 lawbreakers lawmakers on Capitol Hill.” (say, why am I not listed in the “moderate blogs” roll? :))

Confederate Yankee (I wonder if that is possible?) talks about arrogance.

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4 Responses to “Dennis Hastert: What A Maroon”

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  2. Hehe… I surely DO appreciate the links, and why YES – you SHOULD read us more often ;-P

    As for the GTL blogroll – you’ve been added, but I just checked it and unfortunately I had made a mistake and filed you under “Conservative Bloggers” as opposed to the “Moderate Bloggers” category, where you OBVIOUSLY belong. I’ve put in a work order to get that fixed, but my people tell me it could be months. Easy to put you in the blogroll, a little tougher to shift you around once you’re in there 😉 heh…

    Love it, man. Keep up the good bloggin’, and BLOGGGGGGG ONNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Scrapiron says:

    I’ll bet after the past 48 hours there are a lot of clean hard drives and empty file cabinet drawers on Capitol hill. You could probably get enough smoke, meth and crack out of the congressional trash to supply NYC for a month. They like to think they are “above the law” but a lot of them are about to find out different.

  4. William Teach says:

    Thanks, GTL. I know about those types of work orders, so, I’ll be patient 🙂

    Scrapiron, you are correct, so many think that we are here to serve them, and that they can do whatever they want. Let’s hope they find out differently.

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