AFFT Launching “Don’t Work With Terrorists” Campaign

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Morning, y’all, Jebediah here. As usual, the forces of darkness, ie the ACLU, give me a chuckle. Not a funny haha chuckle, but more of a “what a bunch of losers” chuckle. Why? Well, because of this bit of (typical) hysteria:

A civil rights group was launching a nationwide Don’t Spy On Me campaign Wednesday to urge the public to demand that the Federal Communications Commission and state utility commissions probe whether phone companies broke laws by sharing customer records with the government’s biggest spy agency.

On its Web site Tuesday night, the American Civil Liberties Union said it was demanding action at the FCC in Washington, D.C., and in 17 states. It was to advertise the start of its program in newspapers across the country Wednesday.

“Join us in our work,” the ACLU site said, referring to the program. “Help defend privacy and civil liberties.

The FCC has already said that they will not investigate.

It would not be wise to investigate Verizon, Bellsouth, and At&T without proof, since the only allegations come from a USA Today story with the typical anonymous sources. What about the Rights of the companies? Oh, yes, I forgot; the ACLU only cares about certain Rights. Let’s not forget that the ACLU has a massive database of its members financial and personal information (via Stop The ACLU)

So, the ACLU wants to launch their little hysterical “Don’t Spy On Me Program.” And I, with the backing of America Free From Terrorists, am going to launch the “Don’t Work With Terrorists” Campaign.

Now, I know all you crazy Right Wing Nutjobs 😉 out there won’t call with terrorists. But, what about Lefties that you know? So, the basis of the “Don’t Work With Terrorists” campaign will be two fold

  1. You must promise to lecture, cajole, beg, and/or threaten any Defeatocrat you know into not calling or working with terrorists like they are want to do;
  2. Report any Defeatocrat who does call or work with a terrorist to the authorities. (yes, I know that that is full time job)

Will you take the pledge?  Linked to third world county, Diane’s Stuff, Stuck On Stupid, Basil’s Blog.

Will you join the Don’t Work With Terrorists campaign?
Damn right, I’m for America!
No, cause I’m a Democrat.
Why bother, it’s a losing proposition. Progressives love terrorists.
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