Murder Essay’s-Teacher Still Employed

Who says there are issues in public schools?

 A high school teacher has apologized for asking students to write about who they would kill and how they would do it, and officials said he will likely keep his job.

 Michael Maxwell, who teaches industrial technology at Central High School, said his request that students in his beginning drafting class describe how they would carry out a murder was merely a writing prompt. It was not clear why he asked the drafting class to write fiction.

Notice, he teaches industrial technology. Why is he even asking for an essay? Just another case of public school gone wild. Is this what the liberal school agenda is about?

Of course, had it been something like asking to write a pro-God essay, the teacher would have been out on his ass in heartbeat.

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4 Responses to “Murder Essay’s-Teacher Still Employed”

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  2. Stacy says:

    WTF is that comment? Anyway, OMG, Drafting? Murder essays? Someone should make sure this dude’s head rolls.

  3. William Teach says:

    I think Planck might have meant to hit the Beer Monday Linkfest one, but, that’s ok.

    Some of these teachers are screwy, and, after the 2004 elections, where all these wackadoodles were allowed to go wackadoodle, seems to be getting worse.

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