Zarqawi Joins Hollywood!

From DefenseLINK News:

BAGHDAD, May 4, 2006 – Coalition officials here today showed the “outtakes” of terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi’s latest anti-coalition screed, and it became quickly apparent why they ended on the cutting-room floor, so to speak.

In one, Zarqawi — the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq — has trouble trying to operate an automatic weapon. An associate has to show him how to do it. Later in the same shot, an associate takes the weapon from Zarqawi by the barrel and burns his hand. In another, the feared terrorist is shown in a black uniform and bright blue “tenny pumps.”

Coalition troops found the tape during a raid on a hideout for foreign fighters. “He is far from being a capable military leader,” coalition spokesman Army Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch said during a news conference today.

Gee, ya think the Drive By Media will cover this? Will they resist the urge to show one of their favorite “freedom fighters (despite Zarqawi being non-Iraqi)” as unable to work his weapons of war and wearing such cute shoes, so as not to make him look bad? Or will they actually portray a US enemy as such?

I know where my bet lies. What about yours?

Also, here’s something else near the end of the article that will get little no airplay

A year ago, Lynch said, there were on average 75 suicide attacks per month. Today there are less than 25 per month.

Lynch said coalition officials have targeted suicide bombers. “Since April 8, coalition forces have killed 31 foreign fighters,” he said. “These are people that Zarqawi brought into Iraq to be suicide bombers who were killed before they could launch their attacks.”

Suicide bombers most often come from Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Jordan. Most come into Iraq over the Syrian border. Lynch said that once captured, suicide attackers have often given coalition officials “actionable intelligence.”

I thought we had lost Iraq, and it was a quagmire, and enveloped in civil war? And, other the Fox, has anyone mentioned all the non-Iraqi’s involved in the so called “civil war?”

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Update: Video available here.

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