WTW: 9 States Sue Bush Over Fuel Efficiency

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So the headline reads. Or did they?

Nine states have sued the administration of President George W. Bush for lenient automotive fuel economy standards that they say worsen an energy crunch and contribute to air pollution and climate change.

Oh, so they didn’t actually sue President George W. Bush. Ah, my bad Al-Reuters bad.

The lawsuit says that the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has failed to meet federal laws requiring government to determine the impact of regulation on fuel conservation and the environment.

“At a time when consumers are struggling to pay surging gas prices and the challenge of global climate change has become even more clear, it is unconscionable that the Bush Administration is not requiring greater mileage efficiency for light trucks,” said New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer in a press release.

Oh, Lord, what we have is BDS coupled with global warming, er, excuse me, climate change (snicker) hysterisy (hey, why can’t I make up words? All the hip kids do, and at least mine has relevance.)

Apparently, it is only important to regulate fuel economy when Bush 43 is President. The actual relaxation of rules for light trucks and SUV’s started under Bush 41, then were relaxed even farther, much farther, under President Clinton. However, that is information which will certainly never be mentioned by the Drive By Media, nor by the Leftist sites that will be foaming at the mouth over this suit.

Granted, it would have been nice if the Bush Admin had approved a larger mpg increase then 1.9mpg, however, that is still a reversal of the damage Clinton and previous administrations have done with fuel economy.

What States are suing? New York, California, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Except for New Mexico, all are Blue States. Several have severe traffic issues in their metropolitan areas, which, according to the climate change leftards, is destroying the planet.

I guess it doesn’t matter to these nuts that Congress must approve any large changes. Cause vehicles that get crap for mileage were only introduced in Feb 2001.

Granted, like Teach, I believe that vehicles, particularly SUV’s and trucks, should be required to get better fuel mileage. However, most people are not clammoring for it, they want their big SUV’s and do not care about the mileage.

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2 Responses to “WTW: 9 States Sue Bush Over Fuel Efficiency”

  1. bithead says:

    The CAFE standards are a bad idea to begin with.
    More people have died for Cafe standards (and the unsafe cars they produce) than have died in Iraq.

  2. William Teach says:

    Perhaps, but fuel standards have been going down for well over a decade, especially with so many people buying SUV’s and pickups. I would like to see the manufacturers raise them voluntarily. They must have the tech to do it.

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