Bear With Me

I am live, just have to import the files. Trying to do this from the test wordpress site I set up, so as to avoid redoing 8 months (so far of pictures.)

Update: I am fully live. However, because there is not an easy way to import from WordPress to WordPress, all the work that I did on my Typepad hosted photo’s is toast. I had done all the Patriotic Pinup and John Kerry ones, as well as all the way back through August 2005. All for naught. Oh, well. That is just repetitive stuff. All the hardest stuff is done. Was worried about the domain name move, but seems to be working fine.

 If anyone catches anything wonky, please let me know! I think I caught it all.

Welcome to my “new” spot!

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9 Responses to “Bear With Me”

  1. William Teach says:

    testing it myself

  2. basil's blog says:

    Picnic 2006-02-20…

    Today's picnic basket of items from my blogroll.

    MacStansbury is celebrating Ricky Williams Day
    Riehl World View looks at an admission from the mainstream media
    SerandEz have a guest post about George Washington
    Groovyvic (Fiddle Dee Dee) is read…

  3. Jo says:

    Checked the new look out in FFox and IE6 and they both worked like a champ 🙂

  4. Thanks, Jo.

    Now to do all the photo and videos. Yikes!

  5. Ogre says:

    Wow! Looks awesome! The comment window text is a little large in the tiny window, but I love the layout!

  6. Thanks, Ogre.

    I have no clue how to fix the comment box. Might have to look.

  7. Chrys says:

    AH HA – Great minds think “similar?” – ANYWAY – I’ve put my Yaargh up while you work on it here! Interesting system. Best to ya!

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