Saddam Warned The US

Interesting, if true

Saddam Hussein told aides in the mid-1990s that he warned the United States it could be hit by a terrorist attack, ABC News reported Wednesday, citing 12 hours of tapes the network obtained of the former Iraqi dictator’s talks with his Cabinet.

If true, why aren’t any of the liberals decrying Clinton for doing nothing? Think they will? Na. Certainly, Bush must be to blame somehow.

Charles Duelfer, who led the official U.S. search for weapons of mass destruction after the first Gulf War, told ABC News the tapes show extensive deception but don’t prove that weapons were still hidden in Iraq at the time of the U.S.-led war in 2003.

"What they do is support the conclusion in the report which we made in the last couple of years, that the regime had the intention of building and rebuilding weapons of mass destruction, when circumstances permitted," he said.

Gee, you think? As stated it wasn’t only about finding WMD until the Surrender Monkeys made it that way. It was about denying Saddam those weapons. Plus the other stuff in the 2003 SOTU.

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