Wow, Very Peaceful

How much more proof is needed to show that the mainstream Muslims are not peaceful?

Violent new protests against cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed engulfed Pakistan, leaving Western businesses in flames and three people dead, including an eight-year-old boy.

Two people died in northwestern Peshawar city when police fired tear gas and shot in the air to quell around 50,000 demonstrators who torched a KFC outlet and trashed a Norwegian mobile phone company’s offices.

Riots also flared for a second day in the historic eastern city of Lahore, where another person was killed, and in at least half a dozen other towns across the world’s second most populous Muslim nation.

Officials said more than 70 people including a policeman were wounded in the violence, sparked by the printing of the caricatures in a Danish newspaper in September and later in other Western countries, including Norway.

And yet there is little in the way of condemnation from the mainstream media. Humph. Go figure.

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