Danes Told They Should Leave Indonesia

Via Reuters

Denmark urged its citizens on Tuesday to leave Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim country, as Islamic outrage over a cartoon controversy continued to rage across Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia.

"The Foreign Ministry is advising Danes not to travel to Indonesia and Danes already in Indonesia to leave the country," Ambassador Niels Erik Andersen told Reuters.

"The security situation is at a level where the Foreign Ministry advises against being here."

Andersen said Danish flags and pictures of the Danish prime minister had been burned in three Indonesian cities, adding:

"Some of the information I have provided to the Foreign Ministry is about threats we have received in the embassy, the threats that have been published against Danes and the activities going on in terms of demonstrations in front of our consulate."

All over cartoons published last September. Maybe it just takes that long for Muslims to be able to read and understand them. Probably takes awhile to get all those Danish flags, too. And people who do not mind possibly lighting themselves on fire. You know that has to happen if this continues.

Depicting the Prophet is prohibited by Islam but moderate Muslims, while condemning the cartoons, have expressed fear about radicals hijacking the affair.

The furor has developed into a clash between press freedom and religious respect. Some academics say it is also a clash between Islam and the West.

Then the academics, while looking at other people’s shoes, said "They’re friggin’ cartoons!"

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5 Responses to “Danes Told They Should Leave Indonesia”

  1. Chief RZ says:

    I would like to see the same sensitivity for Christianity. This is a one way street so far. This is one group of people making up what they will be offended by. They seem to be following the way of our “protected, preferred minorities” here.

  2. Never happen. It is all the rage to beat down on Christianity and Judeism, just like with America.

  3. Maggie says:

    Actually we got The Book of Daniel GONE! Will & Grace on NBC was supposed to have a spoof cooking segement called “Cruci-fixins” (in essence mocking Christians) GONE!

    It has been called HATE SPEECH unless it was directed at the Jewish and Christian religions.

    So maybe, even though we don’t take to the streets, our voices are being heard.

  4. The Protest Signs are Written in ENGLISH (Cartoons, Muslim

    One thing I’ve noticed throughout all the news stories about the lunatic Muslims burnings, killings, rioting and boycotting…the signs are written in English.
    The intended audience is the west. Their purpose is to influence westerners – not to e …..

  5. “Depicting the Prophet is prohibited by Islam…”

    Sort of. I grew up believing that the depiction of any human was prohibited. But several posts over the last few days have pointed out that there has long been a difference of opinion within Islam, with even pictures of himself allowed by some.

    But then, orthodox Judaism forbids combining meat and cheese, and most Hindus consider it forbidden to eat bovines: ever hear of them bombing McD’s for serving cheeseburgers?

    Now for a cuppa and Dansh…

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