Goss Says NY Times “Spying” Story Harms Intelligence

But, it is a hard story to find. None of the major sources carry it in an easy to find place. Not a top story at Google or Yahoo news. I had to do some searching for it.

CIA Director Porter Goss said Thursday that the disclosure of President Bush’s eavesdropping-without-warrants program and other once-secret projects had undermined U.S. intelligence-gathering abilities.

"The damage has been very severe to our capabilities to carry out our mission," Goss told the Senate Intelligence Committee. He said a federal grand jury should be empaneled to determine "who is leaking this information."

His testimony came after National Intelligence Director John Negroponte, who directs all intelligence activities, strongly defended the program, calling it crucial for protecting the nation against its most menacing threat.

"This was not about domestic surveillance," Negroponte said.

In our current political climate, the people at the Times and the leaker haven’t even been smacked on the wrist. Yet. In the past, they would have been immediately thrown in jail on a variety of charges. And, so would all the papers who reprinted the story. Of course, back, say, in the 40’s, the Exempt Media had a sense of what is good for the country, and what is truly right and wrong.

The Times was asked not to print the story by the White House, since it would harm our Intelligence operations. They decided to publish anyhow, because of a book, and, certainly, to harm Bush. I’m sure no thought went through their heads that releasing this story would harm the USA.

But, to the Leftist mind, the program is all about "domestic spying", and, it is all Bush booga booga scare the People anyhow. Here is a good illustration from Thomas Eddlam:

Bush is no longer interested in actually bringing the real killers in 9/11 to justice. Osama bin Ladin, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, remains a free man four and a half years after the event. But Osama remains a side issue to Bush’s larger "war," where we occupy Iraq, bomb Pakistan and threaten Iran. And this is a war that Bush and his aides concede will last a generation.

Bush’s so-called "War on Terrorism" is a phony war, and not just because Congress – the only body authorized by the U.S. constitution to declare war – didn’t declare it. Presidents are always declaring "war" when they want to appear to be making progress on a public concern without actually doing anything. This explains the phony wars on drugs, crime, and poverty. Whenever a politician starts talking about wars, look out for your disappearing freedoms.

American’s should inform their congressman that Bush’s "War on Terror" is not really a war on terror and his "Terrorist Surveillance program is more accurately called the "Probably Not a Terrorist Surveillance Program."

Moonbat doctrine in 3 paragraphs. First, "where’s Osama? The WOT will end when we get Osama!" Second, the WOT doesn’t exist. BTW, Thomas, the War on Poverty was started by LBJ, and is a Dem thing. And 3rd, write your Congress Critter! Maybe sign a petition. Only thing missing is the form letter.

It would be interesting to rebuff all the talking points Mr. Eddlem puts forth, but, why bother? Leftists will continue to write the same things, and expand on them over time, again and again, regardless of reality, at least till the next President is elected.

Then they will find new things to complain about. Their BDS will be at an end. Maybe.

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  1. Chief RZ says:

    Sometimes it is best to: Ignore bad behavior, reward good behavior! Let them continue down the road of lies, inuendu, and unbelief in the evils of islam.

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