Precious MSNBC Snowflake MHP: Star Wars Is Racist Or Something

This comes via Hot Air’s Taylor Millard (who says he’s not a Star Wars geek, but brings up some rather insider geeky names)

Sometimes, a movie is just a movie. Sometimes a great voice is a great voice. Sometimes a Special Snowflake needs not open their mouth and tell us how much of a Special Snowflake they are.

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Comment by drowningpuppies
2015-12-15 00:50:47

Melitha Harrith-Pewwy thays Thar Warth ith Rathisth or Thomething.

Comment by captainfish
2015-12-17 00:30:31

I think those tampons she stuffed in her ears dried up her brain. But then, she didn’t have much of one to begin with.


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