Globull Warming Activist Ship Still Stuck In Heavy Antarctic Ice

I’ve been rather remiss in covering this hilarious story. Anthony Watts notes that it is best summed up by this Tweet

The BBC writes

A third attempt to rescue a ship stranded off East Antarctica since Tuesday has failed because of fierce winds and poor visibility.

An Australian icebreaker trying to reach the Russian scientific mission ship was forced to turn back.

Earlier attempts by Chinese and French icebreakers to reach the Russian ship Akademik Shokalskiy were also foiled by the thick ice.

They’re getting nailed with snow, heavy winds, and heavy, heavy ice. Which stopped any probability of rescue by helicopter. Cute how these Warmists who hate fossil fuels take a trip to the Antarctic to show just how horrible fossil fueled climate change is, then need rescue from their fossil fueled trip by other fossil fueled ships and helicopters, which still can’t rescue them.

The Guardian notes that they aren’t seeing penguins

I guess all that CO2 is getting in their eyes. CNN

The expedition to gauge the effects of climate change on the region began on November 27. The second and current leg of the trip started on December 8 and was scheduled to conclude with a return to New Zealand on January 4.

This ship full of activists is actually blaming the increased sea ice in Antarctica on “climate change”.

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10 Responses to “Globull Warming Activist Ship Still Stuck In Heavy Antarctic Ice”

  1. Mike says:

    I know! The warming of the planet is hilarious! Who cares? I mean really? Why do we even need a planet?

  2. Blick says:

    With two icebreaker ships coming to their rescue, the expedition’s carbon footprint has tripled. Actually with satellite measurements there was no need for the expedition. This was just a globull warming sight seeing trip to see how thin the ice has become. Now they are stranded in the ice. Good thing its summer in the antarctic, there is still time for the ice to melt. If they run out of food, they can always eat crow.

  3. Take a deep breath there, Mike. The planet, and life on the planet, has survived much higher temperatures, including during the previous warm periods during the Holocene. Everything will be just fine. This happens. Then it will get cool again.

  4. Serge says:

    Yes, but it’ll cost us (in terms of economy). Good people of California will have to pay more to water their lawns. Oh, and their farmers are gonna get screwed unless we magically learn to desalinate sea water. Las Vegas will become a sh*thole it deserves to be, again due to less water. More and more tornadoes and hurricanes will displace a bunch of people from places they shouldn’t have inhabited in the first place. Farming and reinsurance will be much more expensive.

    In short, it’ll cost us all money.

    But if we stop burning fossil fuels, it’ll also cost us lots of money.

    Either way, we’ll have to pay. Nobody knows how much, really, but probably a lot.

    Also, curbing global emissions, while would be admirable, is in fact impossible. It’s the tragedy of the commons: even if EU and US stop using oil, the rest of the world will just use up more.

  5. jl says:

    Mike- I thought you’d enjoy this tweet from Mark Buehner: “BBC/Guardian global warming research/propaganda cruise ship trapped by record-breaking irony.”

  6. wordsmeanthings says:

    having disproven that which they set out to prove, the global-warmists morphed into global-changeologists- pathetically claiming that, despite all evidence to the contrary (and potentially their impending doom) their theories are actually strengthened. after all they are smart and well-meaning.

    how much money has this cost?
    whose money was it?
    what is the environmental impact?
    what do those responsible for the economic and environmental damage intend to do about it?
    whose money will they use?
    would the planet be better off had this folly not been undertaken?

  7. Steve says:

    This would make a great “Saturday Night Live” sketch. The leader of the expedition standing on the deck, loudly proclaiming that the ice is an illusion, global warming has melted it all and that it is, indeed continuing to melt due to the evils of fossils fuel as he begins to turn to ice…..

  8. Jl says:

    Their next press report will us it’s not really ice, but denial that’s metamorphized into crystalline form.

  9. Dan says:

    Let’s see; a bunch of worthless tax supported college twats, frozen in place, asserting the rest of us are “in denial”

  10. Martin says:

    Another funny thing, every unusual weather blip on the radar is used to prove global warming is true but when a really big event like this ship being trapped in the middle of summer by pack ice which is contrary to everything they preach they explain it away as anecdotal or like these people say “all this ice proves that global warming is true”. paraphrase quote.

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