David Brooks: Team Obama Is Incompetent, So Let’s Strengthen The Presidency

Remember when liberals, including David Brooks, advocated for a weaker Chief Executive while Bush was in office (and will surely do the same if a Republican wins in 2016)? Well, it gets better

… Make the executive branch more powerful.

This is a good moment to advocate greater executive branch power because we’ve just seen a monumental example of executive branch incompetence: the botched Obamacare rollout. It’s important to advocate greater executive branch power in a chastened mood.

I’m not quite sure which, for this full on stupidity. But, then we get

So how do you energize the executive? It’s a good idea to be tolerant of executive branch power grabs….

We don’t need bigger government. We need more unified authority.

And people think it’s crazy to call liberals fascist and authoritarian. And we should be disturbed that a leading columnist for one of the world’s most influential papers is advocating this, benign dictatorship. Of course, as mentioned, the moment a Republican wins the White House these things Brooks advocates will be out the window.

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2 Responses to “David Brooks: Team Obama Is Incompetent, So Let’s Strengthen The Presidency”

  1. Blick says:

    I gave up on David Brooks long time ago. He hasn’t made sense in years if not decades. So its hard for me to made a coherent comment. Sarcasm, name calling, swearing just don’t seem strong enough any more. Doesn’t he have a sounding board friend or editor or wife to review his stuff and give him an honest opinion? Or does he think himself so brilliant that he surrounds himself with sycophants?

  2. Gumballs_Of_Winter says:

    David Brooks has long left conservatism or even Republicanism. He’s irrelevant.

    But, you should know .. that Socialism only want power for themselves. Not for others. Freedoms for themselves. Not for others.

    The next non-Socialist to take the helm will be called a Fascist and will have people yelling for the decimation of his office.

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