Sigh: The Simpsons Includes “Climate Change” For Christmas Episode

Continuing the 25 Days of Climate Christmas

(Wicked Local) It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas – but only where The Simpsons live. The long-running Fox series will celebrate the holidays Sunday, Dec. 15 (8/7c) in predictably screwy fashion: Thanks to global warming, there’s no snow anywhere in the United States except in Springfield, where a radiation leak at the town’s nuclear-power plant has resulted in lots of local white stuff. Cue the price gouging.

“Springfield is suddenly booming with tourists who want a traditional white Christmas and that means all the prices are jacked up,” exec producer Al Jean tells TV Guide Magazine. “To cope with the new high cost of shopping, Marge turns the Simpson home into a B&B.”

Interestingly, December 11th was possibly a record for snow coverage. 4 out of the past 5 winters were very cold and snowy, and it looks like this winter will be the same. Oh, wait, sorry, I forgot that “climate change” theory proclaims that cold weather, snow, and ice is caused by too much in the way of man released GHGs. My bad!

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10 Responses to “Sigh: The Simpsons Includes “Climate Change” For Christmas Episode”

  1. Gumballs_Of_Winter says:

    Our winter has started off the coldest, one of the earliest snowfalls, longest stretch of cold, etc.

    Kind of hard to blast away about global warming when the world is cooling away.

  2. Jeffery says:

    Although it may be cold where you are today, the data show that the Earth continues to warm. That’s why scientists rely on data and evidence rather than just anecdotes and testimonials.

    Climate change denier sites insult their readers every winter as they start running stories about snow and ice.

  3. jl says:

    Of the course the issue is what’s causing the warming (that’s stopped), and if it’s been warmer before (it has).

  4. Gumballs_Of_Winter says:

    So, the fact that it hasn’t gotten warmer means nothing?

    That’s why scientists rely on data and evidence rather than just anecdotes and testimonials.

    Oh wait. this coming from a guy who constantly prattles on about stories of tornados, heat waves, fires, droughts and melting ice???

    You point them out because you believe it makes your CAGW case. We point them out because we know it proves there is no case. You and your cult have spent years claiming one thing and another will happen. You point to anecdotes and stories as proof. Yet when other anecdotes are shown to prove your lies are in fact lies, you fall back on claiming anecdotes are not evidence. Bah!

    You’ve been exposed for your lies and hypocrisy and your attempts to falsify data and reality are falling away from you. People’s own anecdotal observations far outweigh your model’s prognostications.

  5. Jeffery says:


    We really have little to discuss. I believe in rational discourse and the scientific method and you rely on magic.

    Perhaps I mention anecdotes to illustrate to you how infuriating they are or to mock you. Introspection much? Of course not.

    You now contend that a snowstorm “proves there is no case” and “proves (my) lies are in fact lies”.

    You appear to bring the same level of reasoning to AGW that you displayed on evolution, i.e., a denial of the scientific method. And you’re a big hypocrite.

    Your contention that the Earth is not warming is false. 2010 was the warmest year in human history. The atmosphere and surface land masses make up a small amount of the Earth’s surface heat storage capacity but fortunately, the oceans serve as a thermal sink, or buffer. Water must absorb 4.184 Joules of heat for the temperature of one gram of water to increase 1 degree celsius (°C). By comparison, it only takes 0.385 Joules of heat to raise 1 gram of copper 1°C. Why is it you can fry an egg on your dashboard in the summer but not boil an egg in the bottle of water left in there? Because of the high specific heat of water. Recall too that heat exchanges constantly between the oceans and atmosphere (those pesky La Nina’s and El Nino’s). Study after study show the oceans, and hence the Earth, continue to warm steadily.

    Climate realists understand these things. The science denier cult does not. You deny science because you’re afraid that someone will ask you and your cult to defend your “belief” in gods and magic.

  6. Jeffery says:


    The Earth is still warming and climate scientists, based on the evidence, contend that greenhouse gases are by far the most likely cause.

    The Earth started warming from the last glacial period about 18000 yrs ago and over the next 8000 yrs warmed about 4C. The current interglacial period (Holocene) started some 12000 years. These cyclical changes in global climate depend on changes in the Earth’s orbit, including a change in the Earth’s orbit around the sun, or eccentricity; a shift in the tilt of the Earth’s axis, the obliquity; and a wobbling motion in the Earth’s axis, or precession. From the temperature peak of the early Holocene some 6000 yrs ago, the Earth has slowly cooled about 0.6C. In the past century the temperature has warmed about 0.8C. It took 8000 yrs to warm 4C, 6000 yrs to cool 0.6C, but only 100 yrs to warm another 0.8C. The next 1C will occur in less than 100 yrs if we keep business as usual. The current rapid warming is NOT due to orbit changes or a warmer sun. The rapid warming is due to greenhouse gases.

  7. jl says:

    “The earth is still warming.” No, it is not. Then, you give us some climate history- thanks, by the way- but you’re still stuck in the “all this stuff happened, so there can only be one possible cause” high school type debate technique. Fail. And your history lesson goes back what, 8000 or 18,000 years? Any idea what happened the other 4 billion or so? No, you don’t. But here’s the best- “2010 hottest year in human history” No, professor Jeffery, we don’t have that kind of data- but anyway, did it come from your faulty computer model? The kind of temperature data needed to say “hottest on record” goes back only to 1885 or so. So saying something that happened in a 140 year or so span means nothing when you’re looking at 4 billion to compare it to. By the way, care to tell us about the temp. recording stations and how they were placed and where they were placed and the accuracy of the readings in, say, the year 1900 to be able to allow you to say 2010 was the hottest? With that last one you make a bigger fool out of yourself than you usually do.

  8. Gumballs_Of_Winter says:

    Simpson’s Christmas episode had the bus driver smoking a candy cane like a bong. On primetime animated kid-directed cartoon show.

    Our country is dying from the inside.

  9. Biff McNasty says:

    It’s not even winter for another week and we’ve had snow on the ground for two. Temps in the teens and below have been the norm.


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