1st World Problems: Talking To Your Kids About “Climate Change”

Only in the 1st World can this happen

‘The Talk’ — How to Tell Your 8-Year-Old About Climate Change

When Ian Kim imagines the world his 7-year-old daughter will be living in 20 years from now, he says, it keeps him up at night. Images of ever more frequent super storms like Sandy, along with rising seas, or drought and heat waves wreaking havoc with crops haunt his waking hours.

“It’s a huge worry for me,” said Kim, a self-described environmental and social justice activist. “On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s a 10.”

It’s a sentiment likely shared by parents the world over, though it’s especially pronounced among those working close to the issue. Kim described climate change as “a slow motion disaster that is already happening right now.”

Interestingly, what’s missing in the entire article is any notion that these climaparents are actually making changes within their own lives.

Unsurprisingly, the people quoted in the story are far left activists (one worked for a Van Jones group) or have a vested interest in pushing hotcoldwetdry (one has husband who works for a solar panel company).

Fortunately, an entire generation will soon graduate having experienced no statistically significant warming.

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5 Responses to “1st World Problems: Talking To Your Kids About “Climate Change””

  1. UncleDan says:

    Have Ian Kim call Uncle Dan and I’ll gently explain to this Beta Male that environmentalists told us the same crap decades ago. He has nothing to fear. Except environmentalist wackos.

  2. Gumballs_of_Teh_Crazie says:

    Ok..get ready. Here’s comes the rant again…

    When Ian Kim imagines the world his 7-year-old daughter will be living in 20 years from now, he says, it keeps him up at night.

    And thus is perfect example of what happens when you feminize the male of the human species. If you are laying awake at night stressing, crying, worrying over what the possible temperature of the GLOBE will be 20 years from now, then, like Teach suggests, you are worrying about the wrong thing. You’ve lost your man card. You’ve lost your testicles. I bet a majority of women are more manly than this guy.

    Images of ever more frequent super storms like Sandy, along with rising seas, or drought and heat waves wreaking havoc with crops haunt his waking hours.

    Then he is psychotic and needs to be locked up for the public’s protection. He is obviously a neurotic with an obsession with things that are not and probably won’t be. Sandy was not a super storm – it was a weak level 1 Hurricane. Seas are not rising, in fact, they barely rise at all and over the last 5-years to a decade they’ve not risen. Heat waves are normal. It is called summer. And if he lives in SanFran where the story was written, they’ve NEVER EVER known what a heat wave is. Floods do more damage to crops than heat waves. The only thing that haunts his waking hours is how many scary stories he can make up to justify his paycheck.

    “It’s a huge worry for me,” said Kim, a self-described environmental and social justice activist. “On a scale of 1 to 10, it’s a 10.”

    This story was written by Nguyen, I’m betting Kim is his best friend. Kim makes a living out of scaring people to death about things that might not happen. And he’s self-described agitator. Good example for kids to follow.

    Kim described climate change as “a slow motion disaster that is already happening right now.”

    Good thing the climate doesn’t change then.
    Oh… wait. So, we are experiencing a disaster right … RIGHT now? I dunno, I’m kinda enjoying the 80’s temps right now when we should be having 100s.

    Studies suggest that a mere uptick of a few degrees in temperature would lead to catastrophe on a global scale.

    We were right Teach. They’ve now known they lost the 4-8C temp increase (I’m going to assume they are talking in Celsius and not Fahrenheit) and are now jumping on the less than 2C change from 1800 (still debatable and wrong) to 2100 as being the END OF THE WORLD. We’ve changed more than that since the last Little Ice Age temperature plunge. I think our world is better for it. Most articles of pure science have proved that a warming world with more CO2 is only beneficial for man.

    The world witnessed yet another milestone when the level of greenhouse gases that drive global warming recently reached 400 ppm, a benchmark that The New York Times noted was pushing the world closer to “the point of no return when climate impacts will be baked into our future.”

    Our almost hit of 400ppm CO2 is about as grand as our passing of 1980 in the annular year scale – both BC and AD. OH, and he’s going to cite NYT? Can we count on our digits how long a life NYT has left? “point of no return when climate impacts will be baked”…. nothing like overhyped unverifiable climate hysterical alarmism.

    As a parent, Kim is grappling with how to prepare his daughter, Minju, who turns 8 next month, for a much harsher future

    Wait, so as admitted avout devoted agitator of hell-on-earth is worried about how he will spread the exact same message to his now 8 year old daughter? Shouldn’t a .. gasp… “man” … already have been talking and training his carbon-polluters how to be one with the world? Shouldn’t this anti-Earth polluter and evil consumer already be an official mascot for her male genetic provider at her state-mandated state-approved state-education and morality adjustment facility?

    he said, adding that he wanted to do more research before broaching the topic with her to avoid presenting “an overblown doomsday scenario.”

    Wait. An admitted and avout agitator of American way of life, who gets paid to do such, is needing to do more research before talking to his kid(s)? He’s already talked about doomsday and lies awake every night with worry, but now he’s worried about how to avoid presenting the exact same overblown hyperbole than he spews every single day? Dude, grow some balls. There’s going to be HARDER talks to have with your soon-to-be teen daughter than what a future MIGHT hold.

    If this is what this man does, and fears, about talking to his girl about climate change… do you think he will give her a proper talk about life, hormones, sex, rape, sexual harassment, marriage, virginity, gender inequality, …. ?

    Kim recently left a post working on Van Jones’ Rebuild the Dream campaign, which focused in part on creating an economy beneficial to both young people and the environment.

    and? AND? Don’t leave us hanging here. What happened? Did he get another job? Did he change his ways and give up the evil capitalist idea of getting paid? Did he move in to a house built out of hay to avoid using trees and oil? Did he move? Did he use a truck to move his items or did he hand carry everything? I’m so anxious to know I may lay awake at night with worry.

    believes parents are an important voice in addressing climate change.

    No. Really? I’m confused. I thought the state-mandated state-approved state-education and morality-adjustment facility was the only approved parent now?

    “Climate change is such a major threat to the future of my kids and everyone’s kids,” said Hoyos, who has a 4- and a 7-year old. “Parents more than any other group [have a] deep vested interest in our future, [because] the people we love most are in danger.”

    If this world, and our future world, is so dangerous to children, then why bring them in and force them to live in such dangerous conditions? Someone please call the Child Protective Services on these people. They are bad parents!

    Kids ask questions if they hear things in the news … sometimes kids are afraid. ‘All the fires, are they going to come here?’”

    Yes, move out of California. Oh wait, you can’t. That would involve using carbon and fossil fuels.

    Hoyos says that when children encounter problems, they are very interested in “understanding solutions.”

    Ummmm.. no. Children only want to know that they are safe and that their parents will protect them. Sucks to be these kids then.

    Learning about solar panels from his father, who works for a solar firm, Hoyos recalled her son asking, “Why don’t we have more of it. How do we get more of it?”

    Again, another feminine male? Even the little girl knows that the “male genetic contributor” won’t be able to answer her questions, so she asks the mom. Even though the … umm… “male” .. works for a solar panel company???
    And you can tell that these so-called parents have not been talking to their kids about anything if a 7-year old’s question entails the magical creation and getting of “more stuff”… “get more of it”! So, these parent’s are telling others how to do with less, how to teach about socialism, how to move away from consumerism, but are not doing it in their own families. As is typical, Teach is RIGHT.

    “Powerful forces [are working] to keep things how they are even though it’s hurting our planet, our air and our health.”

    You mean like climate itself? Since since 1850, there has been no statistical warming. There hasn’t been any warming since 1996 either. Care to explain how the planet is “hurting”? A little Anthropomorphasizing? The warming of our planet that has occurred does no way, no how, not ever, HARM THE AIR!!!!!1!1!!!
    And if your health is harmed from warm air, then maybe you should move to the Arctic Circle!!

    “Our kids didn’t create this problem, so they shouldn’t be made to feel they are responsible for fixing it when they are still children.”

    And yet you want to impose excessive taxes and fewer freedoms upon them! You want to limit their freedom to travel, to buy, and to live in the comfort that you are currently living in. You want them to have rolling blackouts and live in less safe housing. Again, someone please call CPS on these idiots.

    “I think what really matters [is to ask], “Is there resilience in our communities to the changes that are coming? Is there leadership in our community … to help people come together and point toward a solution and not be divisive?”

    WTH?!!?!? W. T. H. ?!?!!? Dude, you’re agitating again. If you are worried bout the lack of leadership, then why aren’t you doing it instead of ranting and raving while living a lie?

  3. mojo says:

    “Kids, in this world you will meet lots of people talking lots of bullshit. Learn to smell it.”

  4. Yes, sadly these people do reproduce. Though they tells others not to cause of “climate change ”

    I’m worried about your blood pressure, GB. I’ll see if I can find something even crazier 🙂

  5. John Shade says:

    There is good guidance here for those who want to talk to their children about climate change, and help correct the one-sided view they may have from their schooling: http://climatelessons.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/facts-not-fear-talking-with-children.html

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