If All You See…

…is a planet killing plastic water bottle, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is Jihad Watch, with new information on who CAIR associates with.

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Comment by JGlanton
2013-02-12 13:24:51

Thank you for your service, Lt. Liz Tremel. I have great respect for you, your abilities, the hard work you put in to get there, and your sacrifices.

My wife flew the F-18 at Pax River as a contract pilot before it was released to the fleet and before female combat pilots were allowed in the Navy. Probably the first woman to fly one. She had to put up with an endless amount of shit for being the only woman in a high-strung testosterone world. And there were no female flight suits, boots, survival gear, or piddle packs. If she did get something to wear, someone would invariably put ketchup on it to simulate menstrual blood. But she had thick skin and had an incredible experience. She cried the day that the Navy allowed female fighter pilots. For the dream that she was denied, and for the women who could finally realize it.

Comment by gumball_brains
2013-02-12 13:49:08

Roger that

Comment by gumball_brains
2013-02-12 13:58:03

Sorry boys,,,, she’s married for about 5 years now.

from article:

the newlyweds made naval history as they earned their “Wings of Gold” together.

Comment by Dana
2013-02-12 17:06:50

Awesome, awesome pic!

Comment by William Teach
2013-02-12 19:36:36

Not as revealing as usual, but I wanted real military women looking like military women.


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