In Order To Solve “Climate Change”, We Need Vast Amounts Of Marxist Babble

You could also refer to it as progressive babble, communist babble, socialist babble. It’s all one and the same, and generally means “someone else must be forced to Do Something. Meanwhile, I’m not planning to change my life at all”

(Fish Wrap) Well-intentioned critics of fossil fuel divestment have called for students to lobby their senators and representatives as a more direct path to federal action on climate change. These critics underestimate the fossil fuel industry’s stranglehold over our political system, and their suggested path would only repeat past failures of the climate movement. They also ignore the networks of institutions, influence and capital that can be moved to support an end to extraction and fight climate change.

To make change, players including universities, foundations and public pension funds must be pushed to act for the greater good.

By building the skills and relationships necessary to overcome government inaction, student activists, working alongside those already fighting for a sustainable future, can not only push Washington to enact adequate legislation, but can also create a mass movement to demand truly sustainable societies and economies.

Is there like some calls Leftists take to learn to write this way? Or do they simply learn it at there far left group meetings?

Kate Aronoff is a student organizer with Swarthmore Mountain Justice and a board member at the Responsible Endowments Coalition.

She even manages, in the last paragraph, to compare the fight (that others must be forced to engage in) against hotcoldwetdry to the fight against apartheid. At least the latter was a real issue.

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Comment by marcmarc
2013-01-28 13:50:27

They get this rubbish from the UN Agenda 21 activists handbook.

Comment by William Teach
2013-01-28 14:58:19

Good point. Interesting how the UN aligns itself so closely with fascists/Marxists.

Comment by john
2013-01-29 12:56:51

A real issue where again the right wing was on the wrong side. See a pattern there do we? The right more often then not is on the wrong side and eventually loses


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