What Say To Using Art To Spread Awareness Of Hotcoldwetdry?

Obviously, living the carbon neutral lifestyle and recommending every Warmist do the same would be stupid

(Ashland Daily Tidings) Hannah Sohl and Camila Thorndike believe that art, Facebook and YouTube are powerful tools to address climate change.

The two young Ashland women are expanding the traditional environmental activist toolbox, which long has focused on protest and litigation.

Sohl and Thorndike are inviting Rogue Valley residents to decorate cardboard tiles with artistic designs or words that reflect why they love living in the Rogue Valley and what worries they have about climate change.

Lots of local people and organizations have gotten involved, because it’s easier to whine about “climate change” then to actually make massive changes within one’s own life that could prove annoying and inconvenient.

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Comment by john
2013-01-27 18:24:56

Teach thinks that you have to be 100% carbon neutral, the straw man argument is his best debate tactic

Comment by Gumball_Brains
2013-01-27 21:53:54

If you are going to tell about the sky is falling, then its best to live like it is, or you’re just a plain hypocrite.

Hannah Sohl and Camila Thorndike believe that art, Facebook and YouTube are powerful tools to address climate change.

Good thing that Facebook and Youtube don’t use any energy at all, or even the lady’s access to those sites, or anyone else’s ability to access those sites wherever they are.

Oh, by the way, I wonder how the cardboard tiles stand up in the Oregon rain. And of course, paper is completely environmentally friendly.

Comment by gitarcarver
2013-01-28 12:13:54

Well gee john, you mean that asking someone to live up to the standard they demand of others is a “straw man?”

That’s not a strawman, that is pointing out the hypocrisy of people such as yourself.

If you want to raise the “strawman” argument and say it is invalid, just remember that every time you ask Teach whether he is carrying a weapon in his store as he has never demanded that people carry a weapon.

Why is it that trolls are hypocrits?


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