Say Goodbye To 75 Watt Incandescent Bulbs

In this case, we can actually Blame Bush for signing the stupid legislation

(Fox Salt Lake) The incandescent light bulbs that have been in homes for decades are being phased out in favor of higher-efficiency bulbs, and the older bulbs took another big step towards obscurity this week.

Last year 100-watt incandescent light bulbs disappeared. This year, it’s 75-watt. Next year, 60- and 40-watt bulbs will get the ax.

That doesn’t mean it’s illegal to use the older incandescent bulbs. They’re still around, but not being manufactured anymore.

They aren’t technically banned, but, in order to meet the strict guidelines, incandescents would necessarily be much more expensive. But, hey, we’re keeping the world from boiling or something.

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Comment by Gumball_Brains
2013-01-03 14:03:49

I’ve got my supply stocked up. It feels weird stocking up on lightbulbs.. but there ya go.

I chose lightbulbs last year, and this year it will be ammo.

Comment by William Teach
2013-01-03 15:39:38

It is kinda weird what Big Government has brought us to, eh? I mean, stocking up on light bulbs? Who would have seen that coming 10 years ago?

Comment by john
2013-01-03 16:06:14

Teach everybody form China to Israel is banning them. Bummer, looks like the conservatives have lost again.

Comment by Gumball_Brains
2013-01-03 21:33:25

so, Troll, your response is to cite a massively Communist nation and a socialist country and declare that a success?

This nation was not built upon the idea of confiscation and telling people how they can live, buy, move, eat, see, etc.

It was designed on limited self-rule, not on tyranny and control.


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