Sorry, Nancy P, That Gavel Won’t Be Coming Your Way

After the historic beatdown the GOP laid on the Nancy Pelosi led House, she was predicting that the Democrats would retake the House. Not going to happen by a long shot

(Washington Post) The Fix now projects that the 2012 race for the House is likely to be close to a draw, and there is even a fair chance that Republicans will add to their biggest majority in six decades on Tuesday.

In fact, right now, The Fix projects that Republicans have 228 seats either solidly in their favor or leaning toward them, while Democrats have 184. Another 23 seats are tossups.

If Republicans can win 14 of those 23 tossup races, they would keep their majority exactly as it is. If they win more than that, they would actually gain seats.

Part of this is due to redistricting. Hey, elections have consequences. In my area, the 13th district had been in the hands of Dems and Brad Miller for a long time, but it is sure to go GOP, per the article.

Hot Air breaks it all down more than I can, as does Powerline (writing with a Droid phone).

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Comment by Gumball_Brains
2012-11-03 21:00:50

I’m sorry, but how is this “a draw” when GOP has a very good chance of gaining seats?

HOwever, what scares the begeezus out of me, is that there are people that VOTE for people like Pelosi in to office.

And she won her re-election last time.

The Democrat party are nothing but vile anti-american socialists who do nothing but crave power and money.

Comment by William Teach
2012-11-04 09:34:27

It’s a draw because the media says so! They truly hope!

Unfortunately, there are too many people in SF who are as insane and anti-American as Pelosi.


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