Today’s Hyperventilating AGW Story: “Climate change ‘will cause civilisation to collapse'”

We’re dooooooooomed. Or something

(Independent) An effort on the scale of the Apollo mission that sent men to the Moon is needed if humanity is to have a fighting chance of surviving the ravages of climate change. The stakes are high, as, without sustainable growth, “billions of people will be condemned to poverty and much of civilisation will collapse”.

There is simply too much unfettered alarmism to cover without making this post massive. You’ve got to read the whole thing for a good chuckle. So, let’s jump to the end

Jerome Glenn, director of the Millennium Project and one of the report’s authors, said: “There are answers to our global challenges, but decisions are still not being made on the scale necessary to address them. Three great transitions would help both the world economy and its natural environment – to shift as much as possible from freshwater agriculture to saltwater agriculture; produce healthier meat without the need to grow animals; and replace gasoline cars with electric cars.”

Meatless meat? Gross. As for electric cars, where does all the electricity come from? Furthermore, Warmists are welcome to live their lives without meat and fossil fuels. Show us the way. What’s that, Mr./Ms. Warmist? That would be inconvenient? Hump.

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