Tuesday Linkfest: U.S. Troops Save Baby Boy’s Life

You know, somehow I missed this story in the Drive By's. I wonder why?

YUSUFIYAH, Iraq, Feb. 26, 2007  — Soldiers recently received something they least expected – a baby.

Soldiers from the 210th Brigade Support Battalion “Providers” and the 4th Battalion 31st Infantry Regiment “Polar Bears,” both units of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry), took care of a sick Iraqi baby boy at the Patrol Base Yusufiyah aid station here.

“The baby’s mother brought him to us because he was very sick,” said Maj. Casey Geaney, a native of Portland, Ore., who serves as a battalion surgeon currently attached to the 4-31st.

Knowing that the baby, Sajad, was very ill and that the Iraqi medical system did not have the capabilities to care for the infant, Geaney decided Sajad would become an in-patient.

Stories like this are news and important, but, always seemed to be ignored, in favor of some soldier raping someone or similar bad story, which happen considerably less then the troops doing something good. Couldn't be an agenda by the MSM, could it?


”Keeping Sajad was a huge responsibility for the team. He required around-the-clock attention, just as any infant. “We would take turns watching him,” Spills explained. “One medic would stay with him at the aid station during the night and others would watch him during the day.”

After caring for Sajad for four days, Geaney decided he was well enough to return home. But before releasing the infant, Geaney and the medics taught Sajad’s father how to care for him.

“They (the doctor and medics) did a nice job,” said Nasseir Alaobed, Sajad’s father, as he was learning to feed his son through a tube. “The Iraqi hospitals do not have this kind of care and I am glad I brought him in.”

Of course, Lefties around the world would blame the lack of properly equipped hospitals on the U.S. and Operation Iraqi Freedom, instead of Saddam Hussein, the (former) leader of Iraq.

Anyhow, great job, troopers.

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