Your Fault: More Disasters To Come With ‘Climate Change’

How dare you not purchase an electric vehicle that will cost so much you’ll be eating Ramen noodles and ground beef in a tube

Expect More Disasters, U.N. Warns, as Climate Change Worsens Everything From Droughts to Economic Meltdowns

A disaster-weary globe will be hit harder in the coming years by even more catastrophes colliding in an interconnected world, a United Nations report issued Monday says.

If current trends continue the world will go from around 400 disasters per year in 2015 to an onslaught of about 560 catastrophes a year by 2030, the scientific report by the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction said. By comparison from 1970 to 2000, the world suffered just 90 to 100 medium to large scale disasters a year, the report said.

The number of extreme heat waves in 2030 will be three times what it was in 2001 and there will be 30% more droughts, the report predicted. It’s not just natural disasters amplified by climate change, it’s COVID-19, economic meltdowns and food shortagesClimate change has a huge footprint in the number of disasters, report authors said.

Did they just link Wuhan Flu to ‘climate change’? When any person who’s not an idiot knows it came from a lab. Certainly they wouldn’t link natural disasters, right?

Not every hurricane or earthquake has to turn into a disaster, Mizutori said. A lot of damage is avoided with planning and prevention.

Yup, linking earthquakes to people refusing to give up eating meat and pay carbon taxes.

That’s because both COVID-19 and climate change disasters have come to places that didn’t used to get them, like tropical cyclones hitting Mozambique, Mizutori said. It’s also the way disasters interact with each other, compounding damage, like wildfires plus heatwaves or a war in Ukraine plus food and fuel shortages, Pulwarty said.

Yup, linking the Chinese coronavirus. Cultists.

“In a world of distrust and misinformation, this is a key to moving forward,” said University of South Carolina Hazards Vulnerability and Resilience Institute Co-Director Susan Cutter, who wasn’t part of the report. “We can move forward to reduce the underlying drivers of risk: Inequality, poverty and most significantly climate change.”

And had to throw in “misinformation”, along with other political things. And, yes, the report, if you check the first link in the first excerpt, mentions volcanoes, landslides, extreme cold temperatures, and all storms to the actions of mankind. Because a cult

So, I’m guessing that the volcano that was popping off in the Canary Islands recently was not natural in the mind of a climate cult member? Loony tunes. BTW, the report is all about “transforming governance for a resilient future.” Not ominous at all.

And, yes, lots of “news” outlets are pimping this report.

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22 Responses to “Your Fault: More Disasters To Come With ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Jl says:

    Glanced at the report and from what I found they never really defined what a “disaster” is. How can you measure it if you can’t define it? It’s the UN, so shut up. They did list several items under the topic, however-“food scarcity in Somalia” “intentional homicides against women” and “poverty”. Your big SUV will “maybe” cause those events to increase….This is the same UN who said in 1989 that we only have till 2000 to avert “climate disaster”. The climate clown show continues…

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      That’s because a disaster is whatever they say it is at and and where they say it. You’ll also notice in typical leftist fashion they immediately dial up disaster into a full blown Catastrophe here: “A disaster-weary globe will be hit harder in the coming years by even more catastrophes colliding in an interconnected world, a United Nations report issued Monday says.”

      They are backing down from the term used lately: Crisis. That way they can gradually invoke “emergency powers” for anything from a car accident to a meteor strike. Keep all avenues open to oppress the people. Oh, they’ll still be crises but now they’ll be interspersed with disasters and catastrophes. This is the magical world of leftist climatology run by non climate scientists and political agitators.

      FJB and his UN ass kissers.

  2. Elwood P. dOwd says:

    William Teach typed: any person who’s not an idiot knows it (Covid) came from a lab

    Recent studies show that “fake news” is primarily a right-wing manifestation. Useful idiot wingers initiate and spread “fake news” with the help of Russian and Chinese partners/bots. Does Mx Teach have ANY evidence that Covid originated from a laboratory? This is how right-wing disinformation spreads.

    The UN report was on ALL disasters, not only those linked directly to global warming. That said, global warming IS global and will impact the outcomes of other disasters NOT caused by global warming (e.g., earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides). It’s explained in the UN report if anyone makes the effort to read it.

    Mx Teach is pulling your chain and not telling you the truth. Mx Teach’s objective is to mock the UN report rather than to make relevant criticisms.

  3. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    You know drowningpuppies it wouldn’t be a Wednesday in April unless QdOwd defended his red Chinese benefactors or called Teach a liar. He trolls. That’s his thing. He looks at a meat and fish market across from a biolab doing experiments with contagious diseases and naturally knows without doubt the market is to blame for an escaped virus. Just like the biolab is responsible for that “fishy” smell that permeates Wuhan.

    He’s losing it all. Twitter, Disney, CNN and CNN+ and all the Hunter lies and FJB cover up’s are coming to light so his natural leftist propensity is to call us liars or racists, bury his head back in the sand and keep on going.


    • .38 Police Special Elwood P. dOwd says:

      You ARE ALL authoritarians, liars and racists, but that’s well-known and beside the point. We just try to correct as many right wing lies as possible. And L.G. Brandon is a fluffer as well!!

      Fuck William Teach!

      • drowningpuppies says:

        OK, groomer.

        Bwaha! Lolgfy

      • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

        Lately every time you comment you prove us right. I guess Elon took all the wind out of your lying sails. Sad, now we’ll have one social media platform where we can both speak freely, maybe. And it took a genuine African American to do it. The leftist tears flow because they may have to allow people they disagree with (i.e. hate in prog-talk) on the soap box. No more monopoly. Hahahaha.

        They aren’t crying because they think they’ll be blocked. They know we don’t do that petty shit. They are crying because they may not be able to0 block us. They have no factual arguments just name calling (see above).

        Let’s see, their “news” sites are crashing and burning. The first of many social media sites just slipped through their filthy heathen, Nazi fingers. The courts are beginning to turn against their crap. Even their movies are being ignored and losing money. It’s fun to watch. Soon Hunter will become the hunted and Brandon will become #328265 at DC correctional.

        Next you’re gonna lose Congress. Not 25 seats. Not 50 seats. Over 100 seats you lying sacks of shit. Then goes the White House. Bye-bye. See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya. Once we take Congress we’ll show you how to run an impeachment. First you actually have to have a crime. Let’s call it treason for leaving the southern border completely open which is his duty to protect. We can throw in malfeasance, conspiracy and fraud, plus money laundering, tax evasion and collaborating with a foreign power.

        Boy is FJB fuked! I hope we can take out a few million far left commies while we’re at it. Snuff them with My Pillow’s.

        • Elwood P. dOwd says:

          No one with a lick of sense pays any attention to tweeter.

          Treason is what the American-hating, anti-democracy DonJon tRumputin, Gym Jordan, Mark Meadows, Mr Pillow, Man Taylor Greene, Groomer Gaetz, etc committed.

          • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

            C’mon man. QdOwd you can rattle off more names than that! We all know your telephone book of hated Americans is practically unlimited so let at it. We also know that anyone ANYONE who dares to disagree with your policies is always wrong because you never are.

            You need to remember America and even more importantly WE are onto your projection bullshit. We all know your little so-called trick of accusing others of what you do or believe. Besides, a commie can’t be a good American and you’re a big fukin commie.

            Your big “tell” is you keep using the reference “democracy” knowing America is not one. It’s your crutch because democracies run on majority rules and that means they form a mob to oppress the minority. You love to oppress others. You’re a big, stinking, fuking bully. That’s all you are.

            I love when you call others America haters because they want fair elections, or free speech, or the same rights an your special victims have. I’m an Ameica hater if I refuse to call a man in a dress a woman or if I find it perverted to groom little kids to sex changes or self doubt.

            You want to do to America what you’ve done to all the cities you’ve ruined. And be thanked for doing it. You watch as your policies destroy the black family and the entire race in America spins down the drain of hate, racism, poverty, single parenthood, welfare, murder and drugs that you and your policies spawned and are now moving on to the Hispanics.

            Look in the mirror you hateful, racist, anti American, anti-Christian pervert. YOU are the picture of Dorian Grey. No wonder you refuse to put a pic up on your comments. You’re hideous.

            So is FJB and his criminal kid and that whore Kameltoe.

          • Elwood P. dOwd says:

            Fuck that anti-American whore L.G. Brandon! L.G. Brandon!


          • Dana says:

            The socialist from the Show Me State wrote:

            Treason is what the American-hating, anti-democracy DonJon tRumputin, Gym Jordan, Mark Meadows, Mr Pillow, Man Taylor Greene, Groomer Gaetz, etc committed.

            Could you please Show Me where Joe Biden’s and Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice has charged any of those individuals with treason?

            It’s not as though Messrs Biden or Garland have any particular soft-heartedness for Republicans, and the Attorney General, in particular, hates them for denying him a seat on the Supreme Court. Yet, for some obviously inexplicable reason, his minions and he have not charged anybody with treason.

      • The apparently horny Mr Dowd wrote:

        Fuck William Teach!

        Somehow, I don’t think you’re his type!

        • The catholic but not Catholic Elwood P. dOwd says:

          The apparently horny Mx Dana ignores that Mx William Teach and his minion con-menters rely on the catch phrase Fuck Joe Biden. Yet, he seems offended by Fuck William Teach.

          Mx Dana typed: Somehow, I don’t think you’re his type!

          Yes, we suspect Mx Teach likes boys younger. Much younger.

  4. Jl says:

    What a clown show the UN is. As said in the article, if you look at the graph the trend in “disasters” has been down since the year 2000. Further on, one reads that the system they used for data didn’t start until 1998 (so shortly after their data collection started the trend went down), and that information prior to that is incomplete. This article lists several more parameters used, one being an event the affects 100 people or more. So, more people, logically more events, more people to report events. Remember, the world ended in the year 2000…..

  5. Elwood P. dOwd says:

    What a clown show the Denier Cult is.

  6. L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

    “Elwood P. dOwd says:
    April 27, 2022 at 6:35 pm
    Fuck that anti-American whore L.G. Brandon! L.G. Brandon!


    Read it QdOwd. Read the lies and vulgar nonsense you wrote. Are you proud of that, moron?

    You’re a regular Shakespeare you clown.

    FJB, and QdOwds whore Kameltoe. God Bless Elon Musk.

    • Elwood P. dOwd says:

      OK, groooomer.

      The anti-American whore, L.G. Brandon! L.G. Brandon! seems upset being called a “whore”.

      He/she IS a whore and a cunt. Whatsamatter, grooomer, can’t take a little criticism, whore? Right-wing pussies demonstrate repeatedly that they can dish it out, but cry like baby girls when mocked. Waah!!

      Only a neo-fascist ass would bray, “America is not a democracy!”, ignoring that, other than for electing a president, America is a democracy. We get it, whore, Americans do not vote on every measure directly, but we DO democratically (until the neofascists take over) elect our representatives at the local, state and federal levels. We get it, whore, that you neofascist authoritarian hate the idea of all Americans voting. You neofascist whores, are working to construct a caucasian, christian, conservative homeland. All hail the neofascist paradise, The Republic of Gilead!

      Are neo-fascist whores ready to abandon Daddy DonJon for Daddy Elon? Connies always need a strong daddy to protect them – someone to obey – someone to give structure and safety to their hollow lives.

      FWT, FDP, FLGB etc

  7. CarolAnn says:

    Hey Elwood, when you type “Fuck that anti-American whore L.G. Brandon! L.G. Brandon! ” that’s exactly what L.G. is saying. Thanks for agreeing with him idiot.

    You’re in such a tizzy you fail to realize you actually typed “Fuck that anti-American whore Let’s Go Biden! Let’s Go Biden! ” LOL

    I couldn’t believe you are that dumb. LOL

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