Surprise: ‘Climate Change’ Ranks Last In CBS Earth Day Poll

You know when ‘climate change’ comes on top? When it is pretty much the only issue on the poll, or when the other stuff is low hanging fruit which no one really worries about in Real Life

Earth Day Poll: ‘Climate Change’ Last Priority for Americans

“Climate change” is the last priority for Americans and has dropped as an issue that must be dealt with immediately, according to a CBS News/YouGov poll on Friday.

The poll found that “climate change” was last on the list of most important priorities for Americans. Respondents ranked the economy (76 percent), inflation (73 percent), crime (59 percent), Ukraine (58 percent), immigration (48 percent), and then “climate change” (39 percent) in respective order of importance.

Oh, it gets so much better

Fewer Americans also see “climate change” as a pressing issue last year. Today, only 49 percent of respondents said “climate change” is a pressing issue and should be solved “right now.” In April 2021, that number was 54 percent, a downward shift of six percent under President Biden.

So, it’s lost traction, even though that 54% was taken in the middle of a pandemic. Goes to show that when you hit people in their wallets and do absolutely nothing to help, people will care less about imaginary problems.

In addition, Democrats do not believe that “climate change” is the most important issue. Blue Dog Democrats say the economy (74 percent), Ukraine (71 percent), and inflation (67 percent) have greater priorities than “climate change” (56 percent).

All these polls should ask the question “what changes are you willing to make in YOUR life to accord with your belief in ‘climate change’?”

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3 Responses to “Surprise: ‘Climate Change’ Ranks Last In CBS Earth Day Poll”

  1. Jl says:

    Right behind global grooming…..

  2. Facts Matter says:

    This is not surprising. The way the left work is they get 10 people who scream, break windows and generally act as if they are a million people.

    Saul Alinsky says power is not about what you actually have but what they THINK you have.

    Greta the Goebells is a face. She will go down in history as the next Hitler. Loved by millions hated by billions along with NASA, NOAA, IPCC and Michael Mann.

    AGW equates to LOSERS bought and paid for or at the very least brainwashed into fear and continually being terrorized by a few molecules of CO2 and the people who peddle that poison.

    • Facts Matter says:

      I am not opposed to electric cars. Windmills. Solar panels. Nuclear power plants. I do not care if fossil fuels survives the future.

      I have said this repeatedly over and over. I do not care which billionaires make zillions. GREEN or FOSSIL FUELS.

      What I care about is the continual push for clean air, clean water and healthy farming and ranching so the people can eat and breathe and have a healthy future.

      I believe that going GREEN is the future but I also believe that if we RUSH to this it will destroy the world as in castrating the West and give world domination to China and Russia and other bad actors that will join them because ENERGY IS POWER and NO ONE in the world has more energy than the USA.

      Which is why China and Russia pays people to destroy the USA’s energy industry so they can take over the world and fossil fuels without firing a shot.

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