Which Cities Have Worst Air Quality? Six Of Top Ten Are In California

Congratulations, People’s Republik Of California, heck of a job

Best, worst cities for air quality: California ranks among worst, East Coast is cleaner

It isn’t West Coast best coast when it comes to air.

California dominated the worst-air rankings, with three of the state’s cities topping each of the categories for worst air. The Los Angeles-Long Beach area had the worst air by ozone, Bakersfield had the worst year-round particle pollution, and the Fresno-Madera-Hanford area had the worst air by short-term particle pollution.

The top 10 cities in each of the three categories were in Western states; the most eastern city was Houston. Here are the worst air cities:

Worst air by ozone:

  1. Los Angeles-Long Beach, California
  2. Bakersfield, California
  3. Visalia, California
  4. Fresno-Madera-Hanford, California
  5. Phoenix-Mesa, Arizona
  6. San Diego-Chula Vista-Carlsbad, California
  7. Denver-Aurora, Colorado
  8. Houston-The Woodlands, Texas
  9. Sacramento-Roseville, California
  10. Salt Lake City-Provo-Orem, Utah

Perhaps spend less time fighting climate crisis (scam), more on the environment. Though, I will admit that automobiles are a big driver of ground level air pollution, which is strictly an environmental issue. Funny, though, that all these Warmists in California, and Denver, aren’t live the life they want to force on everyone else.

When it comes to year round particle pollution, California has 7 cities. Warmist Oregon has one. Short term particle pollution features eight cities. The best for year round particle pollution?

  1. Cheyenne, Wyoming
  2. Wilmington, North Carolina
  3. Urban Honolulu, Hawaii
  4. Kahului-Wailuku-Lahaina, Hawaii
  5. Bangor, Maine
  6. Casper, Wyoming
  7. Bellingham, Washington
  8. Bismarck, North Dakota, Elmira-Corning, New York, Sioux Falls, South Dakota and St. George, Utah (tied)

I’m impressed on how hard California works to be the worst.

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33 Responses to “Which Cities Have Worst Air Quality? Six Of Top Ten Are In California”

  1. NOAA P. dOwd says:

    Teach overlooked this paragraph…

    The report, released Thursday, listed climate-change-driven wildfires as one of the biggest contributors for the rise in air particle pollution, a factor reflected in the rankings. Western cities have been plagued by historic wildfires in recent years.

    • Jl says:

      Except wildfires are no worse than in the past, so as usual they have no clue what they’re talking about.

      • NOAA P. dOwd says:


        • Jl says:

          J is still hiding behind the skirt of a Holocaust slur-it’s all the nutters have.
          “Deny!” Deny what? No evidence provided to back up their “climate change wildfires” because there isn’t any.

          • Elwood P. dOwd says:

            Jill makes his/her standard DENIAL of facts because he/she is a DENIER. And of course he/she references the Holocaust in his/her defense!

            Anyway, no offense, but the UN disagrees with you.

            The risk of wildfires is changing

            The risk that wildfires pose to people and the environment
            is increasing due to numerous factors, including, but not
            limited to, climate change.
            A wildfire results from a complex
            interaction of biological, meteorological, physical, and social
            factors that influence the likelihood of a wildfire breaking
            out, its propagation and intensity, duration and extent, and
            its potential to cause damage to economies, the environment,
            and society (see Figure S1). Around the world many of these
            factors – climate, land use and land management practices,
            and demographics – are changing. As a consequence, the risk
            of wildfires in many regions is also changing. Where wildfires
            previously occurred, risk may increase or decrease; in regions
            that previously did not experience wildfires, risk is increasing.

            In your defense, your climate guru, Pierre Gosselin, was not one of the scientists generating the UN report.

            Also in your defense, we recognize you consider the UN to be the international “Deep State” and part of the global communist conspiracy to control American “patriots”. One Ring to Rule Them!!

  2. JimS says:

    I’m from Michigan… but back in the 70s I went to company training outside of LA. From our hotel, it was maybe 10 miles to the San Gabriel mountains.. During the week, you could not see them, they showed up on weekends when people weren’t driving as much. I went up to one of the mountain fire lookouts. It looked like a lake down there with a solid grey haze all the way to the hills miles away across the valley.

  3. RickV says:

    Numbers 2, 3, 4, and 9 are part of California’s Central valley. Surrounded on one side by the Sierra Nevada’s and on the other by the Coast Range, it has some of the worst air flow in the nation. Los Angeles is backed by the San Gabriels, San Bernadinos, and the Santa Ana mountians and gets desert winds from the Mojave. The smog has nowhere to go.

    While not making excuses for California, nature has loaded the dice against it with long distances to travel and a bad environment for dissipation for exhast.

  4. ST says:

    French Presidential Election 2022 Live Updates: Final round of voting in France | English News


  5. Facts Matter says:

    It is amazing how the Dowdster comes unhinged when someone dares to challenge even wildfires.


    Read the whole report. You can find it on the internet. That is what I just did. DOWD makes me smarter and savvier by making claims that simply are not true by putting forth a quote that is simply a lie, but you know. If the internet says it…it must be true. That is why I go to the sources. THE US GOVERNMENT. I wonder if DOWD is suggesting the US government is lying to him about wildfires?

    According to this report, the fires continue to be on par year after year after year. What changes is the number of acres that burned.


    Everyone only wants to go back to 2000 or 1983 in order to show that wildfires are worse now when even this data shows they remain roughly the same and actually for the last several years are less in frequency while burning more acreage.

    Why are they burning more acreage?

    The fir engraver beetle, western pine beetle, Douglas fir beetle, IPS beetle, and subalpine fir mortality complex all rank about 250 million acres each, most of them a significant increase from the late 2000s.

    The very fact that a plague of beetles is killing trees across the Western USA where a vast majority of wildfires begin is one of the main reasons why the acreage is up when it comes to forest fires. NOW to be fair Drought reduces the trees ability to fight beetles, but we are not talking about WHY wildfires are not UP and actually down…we are talking about the NUMBER and FREQUNCY OF WILDFIRES.

    But when you look historically at the wildfires in question. They are NOT MORE NUMEROUS Than before but in fact, are less numerous because of better forest management across the country. Except of course California.

    From NPR interview:

    GAVIN NEWSOM: We are stepping up our game. I hear you. I get it. We need to do more and do better. These last two years have been devastating. Then when no one is looking he cuts the budget to the department in charge of fighting and managing forests.

    YES. Many states are facing drought-like conditions but forest fires are hardly something new. The following is a report by the agency in charge of tracking forest fires:

    According to statistics published by the NIFC starting in 1960, more than 60,000 wildfires occur in the United States each year. More than 3.0 million acres have been burned every year since 1999, and the acreage burned each year is increasing. Wildland acreage nationwide has been relatively constant since 1910: it decreases whenever population growth expands urban development and increases whenever former farmland reverts to wildland.

    WHY so many fires?? CONTROLLED BURNS are included in these fires. OF the 60,000 average fires, 58000 are usually controlled burns that are included in the statistics to put the fear of GRETA into everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3 While the annual number of wildfires has not been increasing in recent years, the acres burned per fire have been trending strongly upward since about 1990.

    I give 10 Pinocchio’s to DOWD on this topic. Today there are fewer wildfires each year since 1983 than there were in 1960. The numbers are coming down. Not going up.

    FACTS MATTER. Dowd and the AGW NAZI’S have little in the way of facts and lots of GRETA GOEBELS Propaganda.

  6. Elwood P. dOwd says:

    So the only increase is in the number of acres burned??? But that means nothing. LOL. Did you read your own citation?

    1983 – 18,229 fires – 1,323,666 acres
    2021 – 58,985 fires – 7,125,643 acres

    Facts do matter, but you ignore facts and give us a blizzard of bullshit.

    Nice try.

    • Numbers Matter P. dOwd says:

      My apologies as I forgot to add:

      58,985 > 18,229

      7,125,643 > 1,323,666

      81,268,924 > 74,216,154

      “>” means “is greater than”

      We fully understand the tendency of conservative “thinkers” to not understand simple arithmetic.

  7. Elwood P. dQwd says:

    Facts Matter,

    Simple, baseline question…

    Do you understand that the Earth is warming from CO2 humans are adding to the atmosphere?

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Do you understand it really doesn’t matter?

      The world has been warmer and the world has been cooler. It will not kill us all if it warms a bit in fact it may be better for food production and animal growth.

      You got your thong in a twist over nothing. That’s what a steady diet of leftist brainwashing does to people.


    • Jl says:

      And J, can you read? “The risk that wildfires pose is increasing due to numerous factors..but is not limited to climate change”.
      Hate to break this to you J, but remember “risk” is alluding to something that hasn’t happened yet. So they’re not worse, but the political organization called the UN is saying they “could” be. “Numerous factors”-80-90% of all wildfires are caused by humans and/or lightning, nothing to do with climate change. So if there’s more humans then logically there’s more risk from wildfires.
      But instead of a news feed from a political entity, try NASA. Even they know.. https://phzoe.com/2021/02/17/trend-in-global-fires/

      • NOAA P. dOwd says:

        Jill and L.G.,

        Do youse guys understand that increased CO2 is causing the Earth to warm? If not, there’s little to discuss.

        • david7134 says:

          There is nothing to discuss, CO2 does nothing.

        • Jl says:

          Do you understand there’s no empirical, verifiable evidence of that? “Little to discuss”. Yes, there’s not much discussion with “it’s warming!” How much is natural, what’s the cause, what are the alleged effects? You skipped a few steps. Again

  8. .38 Police Special Elwood P. dOwd says:

    Yes Jill, that’s why I highlighted that earlier. Unlike you, we follow the facts.

    The risk that wildfires pose to people and the environment
    is increasing due to numerous factors, including, but not
    limited to, climate change.

    This from a UN report, not a news feed. You can find the pdf easily enough.

    According to Facts Matter, the number of and acres burned by wildfires have increased significantly since 1983 (when such things were started to be measured).

    You and Teach cannot be so stupid and so contemptuous of your compatriots to say that global warming has no impact on wildfires. Global warming does not start fires (people and lightning do), but the conditions from global warming increase the number and severity of significant wildfires.

    phzoe.com is not a NASA site. If you cite it, we are skeptical of it.

    According to NASA the number and severity have increased over time.

    • Jl says:

      Still can’t read, I see. “Increased since 1983..”. Gee, wonder why they started in 1983? There was much more acreage burned in the 30s, sorry. Was there a point in there somewhere that you were trying to make?
      “According to NASA..” Hmmm..wonder why one graph starts on 1950 and the other in 1970? Even you can figure that one out, J.
      Because it was much worse earlier, and the climate cult doesn’t want you to see all the facts. Plus, that article only pertains to the Western U.S., not the globe, as in global warming. The info I linked earlier shows the whole globe. The trend is down

      • Elwood P. dOwd says:


        1983 was when they started collecting the data.

        Read the entire NASA piece, thanks.

        So particulate pollution is worst in the Western U.S., and the article showed data for Western wildfires. Seems relevant.

  9. Hairy says:

    The West is now and has been in a massive drought. The whole Earth is warming
    The fire danger in our West is increasing. It is pretty simple. Teach admits that much of the air pollution is caused by cRs and trucks but in the past has stated that he doesn’t think “Los federales” should mandate better mpg. Nj. 1

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      But we’re supposed to believe NASA who has been wrong as often as right?

      Flip a coin. Same thing.


      • Elwood P. dOwd says:


        Try to keep up as you fantasize about fucking Joe Biden.

        jl (Jill) typed: But instead of a news feed from a political entity, try NASA.

        Your most ardent science denier buddy Jill suggested trying NASA rather than a “news feed”.

        Who feeds you your trusted lies and ignorance?

        • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

          yQdOwd, you’ve turned into a real foul mouthed pig, ya know that? Your constant sexual innuendoes and insults are very telling of the left in general and you in particular. Both you and your degenerate party are nothing but a bunch of slickening perverts and you project that perversion on everyone else.

          You only started this stupidity lately. What triggered you? I mean you were always a name caller but since the total and abject failure of the FJB misadministration you’ve become psychopathic.

          BTW, I was disagreeing with NASA being a reliable source so you should try to keep up as you fantasize about fucking FJB’s grandson you motley, ignorant pervert commie.

          FJB and QdOwd.

          • Elwood P. dOwd says:

            Waah! Poor groooomer. My fake name isn’t a simulacrum (h/t to Dana!) for Fuck Joe Biden, yours is. Now you end all your BS with Fuck Dowd. I’ve told you before I’m married.

            If you try to fuck Joe Biden, Mrs Biden is likely to kick your ass. https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_yahoo.gif

          • david7134 says:

            He was a Vice President for his corporation and got the boot. Then his corporation, listed, is on death watch.

    • Jl says:

      John, put down the Cherrios box for your climate info. “West is in a massive drought” . You do realize that the climate of the western US, especially California, is one alternating between droughts and rain? In the past, as shown, there were droughts that lasted over 200 years. John, how did that happen? This is nothing new and nowhere near as bad as before. https://realclimatescience.com/2018/02/science-man-made-california-droughts/

  10. Facts Matter says:

    Wow Dowd. Talk about a cherry picker. Excellent Job.

    Now for the FACTS: 31 if 33 years there were MORE FIRES than in 2021. ZZZZZZTTTTTTTTTTT…..thanks for playing but your professor gives you an F-

    Year Fires Acres
    2021 58,985 7,125,643
    2020 58,950 10,122,336
    2019 50,477 4,664,364
    2018 58,083 8,767,492
    2017 71,499 10,026,086
    2016 67,743 5,509,995
    2015 68,151 10,125,149
    2014 63,312 3,595,613
    2013 47,579 4,319,546
    2012 67,774 9,326,238
    2011 74,126 8,711,367
    2010 71,971 3,422,724
    2009 78,792 5,921,786
    2008 78,979 5,292,468
    2007 85,705 9,328,045
    2006 96,385 9,873,745
    2005 66,753 8,689,389
    2004 65,461 *8,097,880
    2003 63,629 3,960,842
    2002 73,457 7,184,712
    2001 84,079 3,570,911
    2000 92,250 7,393,493
    1999 92,487 5,626,093
    1998 81,043 1,329,704
    1997 66,196 2,856,959
    1996 96,363 6,065,998
    1995 82,234 1,840,546
    1994 79,107 4,073,579
    1993 58,810 1,797,574
    1992 87,394 2,069,929
    1991 75,754 2,953,578
    1990 66,481 4,621,621
    1989 48,949 1,827,310
    1988 72,750 5,009,290
    1987 71,300 2,447,296
    1986 85,907 2,719,162
    1985 82,591

    I cut off 83 and 84 because as usual LEFTIEST AGW NAZI’s spreading Disinormation failed to garner from reading that those years the NUMBERS WERE INCOMPLETE!!!!

    LOLOOLOL….So for everyones edification above are the numbers….Many, many years with higher fire numbers than 2021. Many years with more acreage burned than 2021.

    Facts do matter. That is why GRETA the GOEBELS is so proud of her army of liars.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      Nice job Facts Matter especially since QdOwd will be crying his eyes out the moment he reads it. The poor baby is absolutely in mental palpitations because he knows we all know they have been lying and it’s all coming out. Hunter, the fake election, the Covid bullshit, the Iraq lies, the bungling of The Ukraine, the grooming by their perverted supporters, the Epstein Island with zero people prosecuted for child rape and slavery even with Ghislaine Maxwell in prison no further prosecutions because it would be a shitstorm of democrat pols and billionaires being perp walked to Leavenworth.

      QdOwd is a c-hair from a nervous breakdown. He’s losing his fuking mind over all the lies and corruption his party has sold him.

      He’s an asshole and he knows it. But he’s our asshole and it’s fun to poke his fragile ego with a stick. Kudos.


      • Elwood P. dOwd says:

        L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! fluffs another! It’s all he has. Look up “fluffer”, you fireman, you. LOL.

        Thanks for playing Facts Matter!

        Would you plot the year (x-axis) vs acres burned (y-axis) and give us the slope. Thanks.

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