Court Blocks Pa. Gov Wolf’s Carbon Emission (scam) Rule

This is why Warmists usually try and avoid going to court: because they tend to lose

Pa. Court Blocks Gov. Tom Wolf’s Carbon Emissions Plan

A Pennsylvania court on Tuesday blocked the centerpiece of Gov. Tom Wolf’s plan to fight climate change, the latest challenge to the Democrat’s effort to make Pennsylvania the first major fossil fuel state to adopt a carbon pricing policy.

Commonwealth Court, in a one-line unsigned order, said it will not allow the official publication of the regulation “pending further order of the court.”

The regulation would require fossil fuel-fired power plants to pay a price for every ton of carbon dioxide they emit starting July 1 in a state that has long been one of the nation’s biggest polluters and power producers.

The regulation was to be published on Saturday. But the court sided with leaders of the Republican-controlled Legislature, who just a day earlier had failed in their final legislative attempt to block the regulation.

Wolf’s administration said Tuesday night only that it was reviewing the order and is “committed to ensuring that this regulatory process continues to move forward.”

Republican lawmakers in the nation’s No. 2 natural gas state and its No. 3 coal-mining state contend that the regulation is an illegal use of regulatory authority. They say legislative approval is required to force power plants to buy hundreds of millions of dollars in credits annually that the state could then spend on clean energy or energy efficiency programs.

It is up for the legislative branch of each state to make these determinations, not for the governor to single handedly decide the way he/she will force everyone to act, to slap on taxes. Governor’s are not kings, they enforce the laws as passed by the general assemblies. Not make it up because they feel like.

The GOP GA missed an opportunity to attempt to pass legislation which restricts the travel and use of fossil fuels by the governor and his staff. Make him practice what he preaches.

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6 Responses to “Court Blocks Pa. Gov Wolf’s Carbon Emission (scam) Rule”

  1. Doom and Gloom says:

    Actually this is too bad.

    Because had this law been allowed to go forward and everyones electric bill had doubled overnight the GOP would trounce the DEMS in November for sure. Without a doubt.

    Now the left can use it as a lie that only they care about your health and well-being and the GOP has Granny in a locked room with a pipe of CO2 filling her room.

    DOOME AND GLOOM are the only things the left believes in. And only THEY can fix it. The GOP only cares about billionaires, most of which are leftist democrats but hey whose counting right?

  2. ruralcounsel says:

    Anyone who believes that climate change, aka “global warming” is a serious existential crisis is either incredibly gullible, stupid, and scientifically ignorant, or they believe that they are positioned to make a great deal of money off of the scams that spring up around carbon taxes, carbon credits, and forcing economies to shift to other forms of energy and transportation.

    Those are really the only two alternatives.

  3. Mr. Proton says:

    A great way to reduce emissions is for this communist to shut his hole.

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      dOwd has strong opinions concerning issues he knows almost nothing about. At least his fellow commie Kunta Ketanji had the balls to say she couldn’t define what a woman is (Irony intended). It’s a lie and it’s a dodge of course but at least she didn’t try and bullshit a off-the-cuff definition. Ole dOwd just makes shit up. He still insists a few hundred unarmed old ladies with walkers and crazies in buffalo hats constituted the greatest threat to “democracy” since Ft. Sumpter, Pearl Harbor and 9/11 combined. I guess “democracy” is a lot more frail than we were led to believe in grade school.

      Of course this is the same guy who believes a man is the greatest female swimmer in the world, men can be baby makers, menstruate and breast feed and some dude can magically become a chick by wishing it so, that Rachael Levine is a female “admiral” and Ashley Babbitt deserved to be murdered and the best thing on earth is an earth without the USA. CO2 notwithstanding.

      He seemingly believes FJB the rapist is a great president and our economy is just fine, in fact better than under Trump who he hates with the fire of a thousand suns.

      Hail dOwd, FJB and screw all those commies.

  4. alanstorm says:

    I’m sure that PA’s sacrifices will MORE than offset China and India’s increasing coal use.

    No, really.

  5. Dana says:

    It needs to be remembered: Reichsstatthalter Tom Wolf (NSDAP-PA) is a virtual lame duck, term limited out, and the gubernatorial seat is up for election this year.

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