Old And Busted: California Permanent Drought. New And Hot: California Extreme Rainfall

It’s always something with the Cult of Climastrology. They never seem to acknowledge the science that parts of the world flip in and out of certain climate conditions. Climate, of course, is the long term average of weather. Because of where California, Washington, and Oregon are, they’ll have periods of drought and periods of wet, mostly having to do with Pacific Ocean conditions, which flip, such as La Nina and El Nino. It wasn’t that long ago that the cultists were apoplectic over the California Permanent Drought, much like with Australia. Now Australia is seeing a lot more wet. California and the west coast?

Climate change may mean more extreme rain after wildfire in western US

Under severe warming scenarios, the risk is growing that areas of the western US will experience extreme rainfall within a year or so of being hit by a wildfire.

The risk of extreme rainfall in areas that have recently experienced wildfires may increase significantly by the end of the century in the western United States, if greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise unabated.

“In many places in the western US, we experience a lot of natural disasters,” says Samantha Stevenson at the University of California, Santa Barbara. “Some of the most important ones are wildfires, many of which have burned through California and other western states recently. We also have rainstorms that can lead to devastating floods. Climate change has been known to amplify both these things.”

Ah, so, they’re prognosticating that this will happen. Why? Because it will, based on the meteorological and geologic history of the west coast. This way, though, they can link it to Your Fault for refusing to purchase an unaffordable EV and switching to unreliable, expensive renewables. That’s what the whole “amplify” part is about, part of the whole “fingerprint” meme. Virtually every single one of those wildfires can be traced back to a human setting it, either intentionally or unintentionally. Warmists will say the fires were worse because of human caused global warming, rather than due to human idiocy in land use.

Stevenson and her colleagues decided to study how often these extreme rainfall events will occur following a wildfire over the coming decades. The team ran simulations of the climate in the western US, under the most extreme warming scenario – in which greenhouse gases continue to be emitted uncapped.

Study something that hasn’t occurred yet? With computer models, of course.

In an extreme warming scenario, the team found that by the end of this century, extreme rainfall events in California will be twice as likely to occur in the year following a wildfire than they were in the late 20th century. Such events will be eight times more likely to occur in the Pacific Northwest. For over 90 per cent of extreme wildfire events that will happen in this century in Colorado, California and the Pacific Northwest, the team’s model predicts that extreme rainfall events will occur at least three times within five years of the fire.

Will the team who wrote the paper pay the price if this doesn’t come to pass? Except, they know this is utterly normal weather behavior. It is all about trying to scare people into complying with the cult. Oh, and government grants.

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