Climate Crisis (scam) Today: Unknown Deep Sea Creatures And Minecraft Indoctrination

“Science” today means you discover something and immediately link it to the climate cult beliefs

Deep-ocean creatures previously unknown to science may be fighting climate change

As the deep ocean faces growing peril from climate change, seabed mining and other threats, scientists have discovered that seafloor sediments are home to vast populations of previously unknown organisms that may play a crucial role in carbon sequestration and marine food webs.

When researchers analyzed DNA sequences taken from sediment samples from around the world, they were astonished to find that nearly two-thirds were new to science, representing entire families of undescribed life forms, according to a study published Feb. 4 in the journal Science Advances.

“It highlights a very large knowledge gap for the ocean,” said Tristan Cordier, lead author of the study and a senior researcher at NORCE, an independent Norwegian research institute. “We don’t know at all what these bugs are doing, and their role in carbon storage, the carbon cycle and biochemical cycles are largely unknown.”

“Hey, look, lots and lots of new sea creatures!”

“Cool, what’s their relationship to anthropogenic climate change?”

Meanwhile, how about some indoctrination of kids?

How Minecraft Is Teaching Kids to Face the Threat of Climate Change

In classrooms all over the world, children are being taught about the world they’re going to inherit. Large-scale erosion, melting ice caps, population growth and deforestation fill the pages of geography textbooks, but for some students in elementary school, it’s not only hard to imagine — it’s terrifying.

And then they wonder why the kids are anxiety ridden messes. That’s what happens when you use a pseudo-science to scare kids.

As educational resources go, it’s hard to find one with more student enthusiasm than Minecraft.

Students are actively engaging with lessons, racing to their desks to use the open-play platform in exciting and innovative ways — all under the supervision of teachers who’ve connected the dots between curriculum and creation. It’s fair to say that Minecraft has blurred the line between game and tool better than almost any other popular game of the past decade.

Despite having been used as an educational tool for a while now — Minecraft Education was published on Nov. 1, 2016, and the NSW Department of Education has since provided free access to Minecraft: Education Edition to all NSW Government schools — the game is starting to shine even more brightly as a resource for educating students on the issue of climate change.

Great way to indoctrinate kids into their doomsday cult, eh?

Oh, and

Dude is too afraid to debate.

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