GM Stumps For Climate Crisis (scam) With Austin Powers Super Bowl Commercial

This would be the auto manufacturer who ditched most sedan lines because they’re mostly selling pickup trucks and SUVs, right?

Mike Myers’ ‘Austin Powers’ Villains Sell Climate Fear and Electric Cars in GM Super Bowl Commercial

Actor and producer Mike Myers has brought back his Austin Powers villains to stump for climate change and electric cars in an ad for General Motors that is set to air during the Super Bowl this month.

The 60-second ad features Myers bringing his “Dr. Evil” character out of retirement to banter with No. 2 (Rob Lowe), Frau Farbissina (Mindy Sterling), and son Scott Evil (Seth Green).

The ad opens with Dr. Evil and crew taking over GM’s headquarters in Detroit as one more step in Evil’s plan to take over the world.

The henchmen, though, correct Dr. Evil’s assertion that he is the number one threat to the world and tell him climate change is worse. Climate change, Scott Evil says, is “arguably the No. 1 threat to the world now.”

It’s meant to pimp their electric vehicle lines. Which are so affordable! The Chevy Bolt, a tiny car, starts at $32495. The Bot EUV and Silverado EV are more. Affordable, right? The ones they are coming out with, like the Sierra Denali, the Hummer, the Lincoln, and more, are all aimed at the upper middle class. What do those in the regular middle and lower classes do, who cannot afford $600+ monthly payments, and can’t put a charging station at their apartment complex?

The Austin Powers-based commercial is joined by another car maker’s Super Bowl ad featuring Hollywood celebs peddling electric cars. In the second ad, BMW presents Arnold Schwarzenegger and Salma Hayek as retired Greek Gods pitching the company’s iX electric vehicle.

Elites pushing elite vehicles. Look, I’m in favor as they do not have the smog component that gas powered vehicles have. Remember how clean the air was during the spring of 2020, with so few vehicles driving around? But, they are neither practical nor affordable at this time.

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9 Responses to “GM Stumps For Climate Crisis (scam) With Austin Powers Super Bowl Commercial”

  1. Dana says:

    They can keep pushing plug in electrics, but that does not mean that many people will choose to buy them. That’s why the Brandon Biden Administration wants to mandate that all new cars sold after 2035 have to be zero emission, because they know that not everybody, and really not even most people, will voluntarily choose a Chevy Dolt even in 2035.

    I have no objection to plug-in electrics, for people who want to buy them; it should be their money, their choice. But for the ‘progressives,’ allowing individual choice is anathema; the only ‘choices’ which should be allowed are the ones of which they approve!

    Note that the Hirsute One told us, just a few days ago, that he drove a fossil-fueled vehicle and that, being in his 70s, he has no intention of ever buying a new car again, even though he is the most vociferous proponent of the plug-in electrics here. The sage from St Louis has told us that he makes pretty good money, but when challenged as to what measures he has taken, personally, to fight global warming climate change, he has demurred, saying it’s too personally risky to tell us whether he drives a Tesla.

  2. The End Game says:

    We are facing the end game here.

    What is the end game.

    For starters, they are calling out the national guard to teach schools in New Mexico. They drive trucks because they have this bizarre mandate in place that a trucker sitting in his truck alone is somehow a super spreader. They have razor wire around the white house and capitol.

    They understand what their policies are bringing to this nation. They know what they are trying to do. In the meantime, the stupid as fuck Establishment are ignoring the collapse of the USA in a valiant effort to start a war in Ukraine so they can sell weapons to all the nato members that have been reneging on their debt to the MIC.

    The left is dying for A universal basic income of say 2000 a month, while the WOKE military patrols your streets and makes you stand patiently in line for whatever is for sale today at your local stores.

    Sound like communism of the old USSR? IF you think so then you are old enough to remember what that was like. If you have no clue then you are the perfect candidate to say HELL YES I want to BE PAID TO DO NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! Sign me up.

    Civil war is coming because in 2022. The left will never accept the fact that they are collapsing and that a vast majority of the world is against this woke crap they call a life. The left in this country is a pathetic lot of losers who are afraid of everything and celebrate a man pretending to be a woman destroying womans swimming.

    Why would they do that. That is mysoginistic. Well Advertisers are finding with DVR’s and Digital media that people can skip their ads. But not with Live Sports so now the crazed woke left is attacking sports now as well. FOOTBALL? MLB is locked out so badly the OWNERS have called for a Federal Arbitrator which shows how far apart they are. Transgenders in girls sports, crushing the ratings.

    The olympics is getting piss poor numbers, advertising dollars are way down. Woke tv shows are crashing and burning. The goal of all this is to attack Corporations. But to do it in a way that the corporations are clueless basically because they are now infiltrated by leftists who made a 20 year concerted effort to infiltrate business and MSM and Big Tech, Big Pharma by going to the right colleges.

    Civil war is coming. Hollywood is asking the right to leave the country. To seceed. Why? Cause those sorry assed people cant make a movie that makes money because the people watching them are CHINA or the left and there is too much pressure on china by the right to make greasing up for china a career move.

    Civil war is coming. It is inevitable and I used to think it was going to be peaceful but now I think it is going to be insanely violent. I hope not, I do not advocate for it. I just know what I think to be so is most likely what is going to happen, because I hear people everywhere saying it is going to happen.

    • Dana says:

      Mr Game wrote:

      The left in this country is a pathetic lot of losers who are afraid of everything and celebrate a man pretending to be a woman destroying womans swimming.

      No, “The left in this country is a pathetic lot of losers who are afraid of everything and celebrate a man male pretending to be a woman destroying womans swimming.” FTFY.

    • Professor Hale says:

      Mr. Game.
      I have looked at this supposition of “Civil war 2.0” from a very informed background. I can see no evidence of this in the real world. I understand you are feeling anxiety about unpleasantness in your world, according to what you are viewing in the media. If you cut way back on your viewing habits, you will discover that the world is pretty much as you expect it to be and we are no closer to civil war of any sort than we have ever been. The activists always make things look worse than they really are, that’s why they call it activism.

  3. Dana says:

    Our gearhead host began:

    This would be the auto manufacturer who ditched most sedan lines because they’re mostly selling pickup trucks and SUVs, right?

    Ford and Government General Motors have ditched almost all sedan lines in favor of trucks and SUVs because that’s what buyers want! They are responding to public choices.

    And it’s more than just that: the trucks have been getting bigger. My 2010 F-150 stands taller than my 2000 F-150 did, so much so that Ford has reintroduced the Ranger, its previously discontinued smaller pickup, which now, observationally, looks about the size of my 2000 F-150.

    And now they are producing the Ford Maverick, a ‘compact’ pickup, complete with built-in bottle openers for yrou next tailgate party.

  4. Hairy says:

    Yes Teach we agree with you,if is so unfair for the poor under this capitalistic economic dystem.if only poor peoe could afford giant SUVs powered by fossil fuels engines AND batteries, those that fleet owners believe will have a 5 year ownership cost lower than fossil fueled vehicles. And of course those 200000+ deposits that they gave yo Ford must be looking even better as global gas prices are SKYROCKETING along with oil and natural gas company profits. Hertz is now renting Teslas. Presumably hst because that is what people. The Tesla Mod 3 is just about the same price as the average price Americans pay for a new car. Most Americans can not afford to buy a new car. Most Americans would prefer to buy a more upscale used car than a brand new econobox. Teslas new improved battery pack already going into production in its Mod Y is Nickle based instead of the cobalt coming out of Africa something Teach was very upset over.
    Tesla US sales will again as they almost always do increase by 50% if this continues in 2 years they will be selling more cars in the USA than both the European and Korean car manufacturers. Last year Tesla posted 5.5 billion dollar profit.

    • Unkle C says:

      Possibly a consortium of progressives could restart production of the Trabant for the poor ‘peos’, maybe even add an updated EV model.

  5. Professor Hale says:

    It is very common for most of corporate boards to be entirely leftists, after all, “they didn’t build that” but hold their positions through “connections”. It should be no surprise that as a group, they embrace the entire hard-left agenda on every topic. It should be even less of a surprise when GM does it since their entire board was replaced by Obama in the great Auto Bailout as well as most of their voting stock being redistributed to connected wealthy people and unions. GM is as much a part of the permanent “deep state” as is the Department of Defense or the EPA.

  6. Professor Hale says:

    They are responding to public choices…. from them.

    Plenty of sedans are still being produced for the US market… by Toyota, Nissan, BMW, VW, Subaru, and Kia, Etc.

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