Canadian Court Ignores Constitution, Shuts Down Truck Horns

See, in Canada they have this thing called the Declaration of Rights, which provides for peaceful protest and petitioning for redress of grievance, just like here. But, the Powers That Be couldn’t care less about the rights of the plebes if they get in the way

Canada court silences protesters’ horns, police seize fuel

Police in Canada’s national capital said on Monday they have seized thousands of liters of fuel and removed an oil tanker as part of a crackdown to end days long protest against the government’s COVID-19 measures, while a judge granted an interim injunction against deafening honking that has irked residents.

Canada’s capital Ottawa has been gridlocked by a so-called “Freedom Convoy” consisting of truckers and other motorists for 11 days now. What started as a movement opposing a Canadian vaccine mandate for cross-border drivers – a requirement mirrored by a U.S. rule – has morphed into a rallying point against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’ public health measures.

Trudeau, who appeared on Monday for the first time in nearly a week after being infected by COVID, said the protest has to stop. Responding to an emergency debate in the parliament, Trudeau denounced the tactics used by demonstrators. (snip)

The protests, which last week included some Confederate and Nazi flags, have been largely peaceful but an ear-splitting horn blaring by the protesters had become a nuisance. On Monday, a Canadian judge granted an interim injunction preventing people from sounding horns in downtown Ottawa.

The 10-day injunction is part of a class-action lawsuit brought on behalf of downtown Ottawa residents, some of whom have said they feel unsafe in their own neighbourhood.

You can bet those flags came from false flags to make the truckers look bad. Perhaps in the future the truckers should just burn stores down, that seems to be just fine. This, again, causes problems with the people in power keeping power. We either stand up for the rights of people we despise, we disagree with, or we do not believe in them at all.

Meanwhile, the Hill trots out a piece which says “individual choices are nice, but, not when they Affect The Whole”

Freedom of choice is a long-held value for Americans, who don’t like to be told what to do. Of interest, our Founding Fathers drew up the Declaration of Independence during the period of Enlightenment, the intellectual movement stressing liberty, science and human progress. Philosophers at the time influenced the acceptance of the social contract — to create a stable society, individuals would give up some personal rights to benefit the group. Today, for example, we agree with the law that says we will not drive while intoxicated —  protecting not only the individual but also others who might be victims of an accident.

The decision against vaccination places an individual at substantial risk of infection and complications. Unfortunately, with a highly transmissible virus, it also places the individual’s family, friends and neighbors at risk. So the exercise of personal freedom creates an unfreedom among those exposed to the infected person. The only way a personal choice is linked only to the individual is if that person isolates herself from society. For example, a family could argue that their child will not wear a mask but would elect to have homeschooling and quarantine.

So, the State needs to take those choices away and force people to Comply.

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7 Responses to “Canadian Court Ignores Constitution, Shuts Down Truck Horns”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Canada needs a law protecting horn honkers like we have here in ‘Murica.

    Hey Teach, if your neighbor is unhappy with your city for some reason, would you support his right to express his displeasure with an around the clock airhorn or would you call the local gendarmes so you could get some sleep. Freedom!

    Of course, Teach uses the trope of BLM rioting to justify the air horny Canada truckers. No one excuses the violence resulting from the killings of Black men and women by police, but that’s a real reason to protest.

    Right-wingers are making up reasons to assault the world – all because they’re terrified by diversity.

    Does Teach really think unvaccinated truckers have the right to invade America from the great white north?

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    The Hill: Remarkably safe and effective vaccines are available. Until mid-December, the unvaccinated comprised 97 percent of patients hospitalized and 99 percent of deaths due to COVID-19.

    Of course, The Freedumb Caucus insists that vaccines are killing people (they aren’t), that they don’t work (they do) and that the promotion violates civil rights (probably not).

    The Covid pandemic will kill over 1 million Americans. The Freedumb Caucus insists that Covid is no worse than influenza and only 60,000 Americans at most will die. Over 900,000 grieving families beg to differ.

    We get it. The Caucus always needs something to fight. Confederate statues, confederate flags, CRT, forced masking…

    As new cases continue to plummet, communist governors (both GOPhers and Dems) are dropping school mask mandates. Why would they do this since their only objective is CONTROL?

    Right-wing anti-vaccine mis- and disinformation is killing Americans. The past week averaged 2,555 Covid deaths per day. Daily deaths will continue to drop for now, but the already dead will not come back to life.

    • david7134 says:

      Jeff, finally found a word to describe you,Cockwomble. The president of the US could easily set everyone at rest by truthful words. But the man sitting in the office is not properly elected and is a known corrupt, piece of shit.

      But the problem with the vac is that many do not understand it or appreciate its potential problems, including you Jeff. But more than anything people resent a vac that is mandated for such a minor illness. The same goes for mask which are worthless.

  3. Unkle C says:

    Perhaps the truckers could just go home and park their trucks for a few weeks?

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