Next Masking Idea: Pantyhose

Only wear a mask if you’re sick. Wear any face covering if you’re around a lot of people. Wear a mask at all times indoors even when no one is around. Wear 2 masks. Wear 3 masks. Wear an N95.


In 2020, researchers from the University of Cambridge started testing out some of the ways people might adjust face masks to make them fit better on their faces. Their findings were finally released as a peer-reviewed study this week in the journal PLoS ONE.

A better seal around the edges of the masks means more protection from COVID-19, but most consumer-level surgical masks and KN95s leave gaps around the sides. The researchers tested seven different hacks that attempt to close the gaps, on surgical and KN95 masks:

  • Taping the edges of a mask to one’s face
  • Filling the sides of a mask with gauze
  • Binding the mask to the face with gauze (the “mummy” method)
  • Putting a knot in the ear loops
  • Rubber bands around the front to create a “brace” against the mouth
  • A slice of pantyhose wrapped around the face

All of these were better than nothing when tested by measuring concentrations of particles inside and around the mask. But the one that created the best seal was the pantyhose: they cut a section out of the thigh of some hose and yanked that over the wearer’s head and mask (except for one participant, who couldn’t get the hosiery over his head). The pressure of the stretchy fabric kept the mask on tight, but there was a catch: people really hated wearing it.

People hated wearing it? Shocking! In fact, every single one was uncomfortable…well, made the already uncomfortable masks even more uncomfortable.

“For most of the hacks, comfort was a big issue,” Eugenia O’Kelly, the paper’s first author, said in a press release. “The rubber bands for example, tended to put painful pressure on the ears and face, to the point where they hindered circulation to the ears. However, using an effective but uncomfortable hack may make good sense in some high-risk situations, where the discomfort is worth it for the added protection, but it would be harder to wear these hacks day in and day out.”

Piss off.

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20 Responses to “Next Masking Idea: Pantyhose”

  1. Hairy says:

    Wages are SKYROCKETING now the difference between increased wages and inflation is down yo 1 or 2 percent after posting annual wage increase at 5.7% anyone still in a panic mode can now run out to the grocery store and Overbuy whatever they want to make themselves be more comfortable being themselves

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    It might be the best seal, but folks not gonna do it. Drivers would be safer if they wore crash helmets when driving, but folks not gonna do it. People would be healthier if the avoided that most perfect of foods, the charred, medium-rare ribeye, but folks not gonna do it.

    from classic Coen movie Raising Arizona… Career petty criminal, (Nicholas Cage) stops at a convenience store to pick up some Huggies but decides to return to his life of crime. He disguises his face with some pantyhose, holds the clerk at gunpoint. During his getaway he flags down a guy in a pickup who says, “Son, you got a panty on your head”.

    • david7134 says:

      Your statement on steak personifies your lack of scientific knowledge. It also shows your absolute stupidity. Now namebone study that shows avoidance of cholesterol has the ability to modify any known disease. Hint, make sure you read the study. Cholesterol causing disease is one of the biggest cons ever, and it was perpetrated by your old employer.

      I would suggest that you stop commenting and read

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        d Porter,

        I love a good ribeye, don’t you?

        Anyway, we realize you detest statins, but earlier studies with bile acid sequestration medicines (e.g., cholestyramine) showed reductions in serum cholesterol AND a statistically significant reduction in coronary events and death.

        Statins inhibit hepatic HMG-CoA reductase which beside a hypolipidemic effect also has anti-inflammatory effects, so some of the benefits on heart disease may derive from that mechanism rather than just lowering LDL cholesterol.

        Anyway, reducing serum cholesterol (particularly LDLs) by diet, exercise and/or medications reduces one’s risk of cardiovascular events.

        • david7134 says:

          Each of your points is wrong and to be corrected by an expert shows that you are very stupid.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            D porter,

            So statins do not inhibit HMG-CoA reductase??

            Cholestyramine doesn’t bind bile acids?

            Were the hundreds of studies that linked LDL reductions (regardless of mode) to reduced risk of cardiovascular disease faked?

            You can resolve this conundrum easily by directing us to the literature demonstrating that serum cholesterol is not related to cardiovascular disease.

            Sorry, but your “authority” or “expertise” is not adequate, but I can be persuaded with evidence.

            We await your response, thanks.

          • david7134 says:

            I don’t care to persuade you. Why don’t you try reading books on the subject. Just remembered a video on you tube geared to people like you. Called Heart of the Matter, 2 parts.

            Now, show me a good article to substantiate the fact lowering cholesterol does something.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            d Porter: Now, show me a good article to substantiate the fact lowering cholesterol does something.

            Why? You know there are thousands of such articles that you’ve ignored. Lowering serum cholesterol using exercise, diet, bile acid sequestrants or statins is correlated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. Familial hypercholesterolemia leads to early atherosclerosis and mortality.

            We understand you feel the relationship between serum cholesterol and heart disease is a scam/hoax, just as you feel global warming is a scam/hoax, Biden’s election is a scam/hoax, and that Covid is a scam/hoax. Did we miss anything? We get it. You feel you’re a truth-telling iconoclast and an unassailable medical expert.

      • Dana says:

        Cholesterol, along with sugar, salt and caffeine, are the four main food groups, and all must be consumed for a balanced diet.

        • david7134 says:

          I present expert testimony in Federal court to stop a malpractice action brought about by a doctor not prescribing a low cholesterol diet. Won the case based on my review of the literature. The whole cholesterol thing is a huge hoax, just like climate change. I challenged Jeff on this to demonstrate his inability to think out of the box and he preformed just as expected. He is tied to the opinions of others right or wrong.

          Actually, eating a steak would be good for your heart. CAD is brought about by metabolic inflammation and it is actually carbs that make the inflammation (very simplified statement). This is the same issue that causes people to have the excessive response to COVID with the lung edema. They are fat, no exercise, diabetic and hypertensive. All tied in to metabolic inflammation.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Dietary cholesterol is not the issue, serum cholesterol is.

          • Down on the Corner says:

            I talked to my doctor about vascular inflammation being the real culprit in Artery disease and she responded by saying the jury is still out on that but did acknowledge that it was cholesterol that was attached to inflamed parts of the vessel wall.

            I talked to her about Vitamin D3 and she told me it was a dangerous vitamin and you could toxify your body with it. She was surprised that Fauci remarked he takes 7000 IU per day. She actually asked me several times if he said that. You could tell she has been programmed by the AMA, CDC, and FDA to keep her patients sick and unhealthy for Big Pharma to sell a PILL for that.

            I have had this burning/tingling in my feet for years. I have gone to several doctors which have told me I don’t know what that is. Seriously they brushed it off with a wave of their hand not wanting to wait to get to the part where they RENEW MY PRESCRIPTIONS. I am missing the hair on my legs, my toenails don’t grow, and the skin is shiny. I suffer from calf and foot pain when I exercise or walk, but it goes away when I sit down.

            I don’t know what that is, they claim and don’t care it seems. The Podiatrist made me some feet inserts which helped with my foot pain but did little else. It was not until I started FOLLOWING THE SCIENCE that they were forced to admit it was PAD’s or Peripheral Artery Disease. Previously I was put on an expensive blood thinner for my legs and now they are being forced by ME to do Ultrasounds, MRIs and discovered that I had Blockage in the arteries to my legs which a simple surgery can repair. It’s a bypass of both legs near the calf to restore feeling and LIFE to my legs but guess what.

            BIG PHARMA doesn’t get to sell my insurance company a 25,000 dollar a year blood thinner and another drug to me for something that can easily(In my case) be repaired.

            And the scientists asks me to trust them.

  3. Professor hale says:

    When I need a good seal, I use genuine silicone caulk.

    This is an obvious flaw about masks that everyone with any sense could see. It’s why they make respirators and why people in high dust, fumes, particle environments wear them without fail. Paper and cloth masks are just theater.

  4. Ava Waters says:

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  5. CC says:

    I only wear fishnets, sorry.

    Kamala Harris

  6. Danielle Power says:

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  7. Unkle C says:

    Never did like pantyhose.

    • Dana says:

      We can thank the lovely Katie Couric for going bare legged on television, and ending the tyranny, tyranny! of women being required to wear pantyhose.

  8. Dana says:

    Many, and perhaps even most, men now wear beards, and the Centers for Disease Control issued a chart for which facial hair styles will and will not allow an N-95 mask to properly seal! I shall admit to previous ignorance of the names attached to various styles of beards.

    With my full beard, an N-95 would not work for me, so I have to ask: would the tinpot dictators try to require men to shave off their beards to wear properly the recommended N-95 mask? That would seem silly, but I put nothing beyond these drunk-with-power bureaucrats.

  9. Until I looked at the check which said $5381, I be certain …that my best friend like they say really bringing in money in there spare time from their computer.JHGN . there mums best friend started doing this for under 10 months and just now cleared the morgage on their apartment and purchased a new Alfa Romeo.

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