California Looks To Pass Bill That Will Unintentionally Replace Fast Food Workers With Robots

Let’s see what the People’s Republik Of California is up to

California eyes giving 500,000 fast food workers more power

unintended consequencesCalifornia’s more than half-million fast food workers would get increased power and protections under a first-in-the-nation measure approved by the state Assembly on Monday.

Workers would be included alongside employers and state agencies on a new Fast-Food Sector Council to set statewide minimum standards on wages, working hours, training and working conditions including procedures designed to protect employees from the coronavirus pandemic.

It would be limited to fast food restaurants with at least 30 establishments nationally.

“California has a chance to lead the country and address outstanding issues in the fast food industry,” said Democratic Assemblyman Chris Holden, a former franchisee himself. “It is about fairness and it is about bringing all the responsible parties to the table to collaborate on solutions.”

What could possibly go wrong, eh? Having little Chad and Becky who have degrees in Gender Studies sit at a table with people who put their own ass on the line by opening the franchise is insanity. I wonder if the Cal Dems who wrote this factored in that most owners do not own 30 nationwide?

The bill “just drives entire franchises and franchise brands away from California,” said Republican Assemblyman Kelly Seyarto.

Who’ll want to open one? How many current owners will move even faster to replace the workers with machines? Imagine if the machines gave you the same standard on ever burger, sandwich, fries, etc, that you order? That would actually be great.

Fast food workers as well as local franchisees “are often at the mercy” of fast food chains, Bob Schoonover, president of 700,000-member SEIU California, said before the vote. The bill “addresses this imbalance of power by bringing workers and franchisees together to raise standards and protections across the California fast food industry.”

Did any of those workers, many who are illegal aliens, put their own money on the line in opening the franchise? Their credit, their collateral? If it goes out of business, do they share the burden? No? Huh. If they want power they can open their own.

Among other things, employees could sue the restaurant if they contend they have been fired, discriminated or retaliated against for exercising the rights created under the bill. And franchisees could bring actions against franchisors if they believe the corporations are impeding their compliance with health, safety and employment laws.

That’s not an incentive to replace most with machines, right? Most don’t seem able to calculate change without a machine.

It would include two representatives of fast food restaurant employees, two representatives of advocates for fast food restaurant employees, one representative of fast food restaurant franchisors and one representative of fast food restaurant franchisees.

The remaining five members would be representatives of state agencies.

So, 4 representing the employees who do not actually have a monetary stake in the business, no responsibility, no owing anything to the bank, and just 2 representing actual businesses. You can bet the 5 for the state will back the employees. How’s that tax base working, California, when payroll taxes drop, and many just shut down?

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4 Responses to “California Looks To Pass Bill That Will Unintentionally Replace Fast Food Workers With Robots”

  1. Dana says:

    Fast food franchises are already replacing many ‘front’ positions with robots, and will continue to do so: machines don’t call out sick.

    George Jetson, a long-time employee of Spacely Sprockets, had a hard job, in which he had to push a button every so often, for two hours a day. The part that the creators of the Jetsons failed to consider was: what if a computer could be programmed to push that button instead? The distinguished Mr Jetson would be unemployed!

    At what point will people who don’t have very specific, detailed skills become completely useless? In the 1940s and 50s, men didn’t need a high school diploma, but could get a factory job, and learn what was needed on the job. Ford and General Motors trained employees to be able to do the welding needed to build cars.

    Now the factories are much more automated, and robots do the welding, with a far smaller number of people inspecting the welds and checking on the welding robots, and Detroit looks like Hiroshima in 1946.

  2. Hairy says:

    Teach is fearmongering again
    Remember his panic posts about the 15$ minimum wage law in NY and how it would drive up the cost of a Big Mac so high as to be unaffordable to poor people? Never happened. Cali currently has a 14/15 dollar minimum wage. NC is $7.25 do you think California Macs cost 2x as much ?
    Will automation continue to impact fast food? Of course it will
    Will online sales continue to impact brick and mortar electronics stores? Certainly it will

    • L.G.Brandon!, L.G.Brandon! says:

      No Hairy, we don’t remember “his panic posts” because we don’t panic, leftists do. Hence the poor positions we find ourselves in due to your Covid and climate change constant panic crap.

      Teach was using MacDonalds as an example. But they’re a bad example since they can afford to just fire the $15 per hour counter workers and replace them with robots. Joe’s Pizza can’t afford that so they either raise their prices or go out of business. We realize as a non-business oriented individual communist you find no problem in driving small businessmen out of the market. We imagine you think government can just decree pizza prices since you believe they can decree wages. The reality is Hairy, both are determined by supply and demand and neither can be regulated without creating either shortages or gluts. You can deny reality all you want but if your costs go up your prices will follow. Failure to admit that basic economic fact simply makes you look stupid.

      Let’s go Brandon, let’s increase unemployment and erase some more small businesses like like your fellow commie Alinsky said.

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