China-Unity Joe To Make Good On “Incredibly Progressive Agenda

Well, sheesh, you would have thought China Joe would have at least waited a few months after Inauguration Day (if it happens) before suddenly ditching any notion of building unity, because how do you create unity when you are going to push legislation, executive orders, and rules that are far, far Progressive (nice Fascism)? Does he think the 71 million Trump voters will join him in backing things they are 100% against? It should be interesting watching the conserving conservatism Never Trumpers realize just what they advocated is coming. No whining, NTs!

Biden campaign manager says he’s ‘going to make good’ on ‘incredibly progressive’ agenda

President-elect Joe Biden’s deputy campaign manager Kate Bedingfield said Sunday that the former vice president would follow through on his promises to implement what she characterized as a progressive policy agenda.

During an interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press,” Bedingfield responded to comments from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), who told The New York Times in a wide-ranging interview that many activist communities who support Democratic candidates often feel left behind when politicians don’t come through and fulfill their promises.

“I think that Vice President Biden campaigned on an incredibly progressive and aggressive agenda,” Bedingfield said on Sunday before pointing to the campaign’s plan to tackle climate change developed with advice from supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders‘s (I-Vt.) presidential bid, including the New York congresswoman.

“He’s going to make good on those commitments,” she continued. “I mean we, you know, he spent time during this campaign bringing people together around this climate plan. He was able to get the endorsement of groups like the Sunrise Movement and the endorsement of labor for this plan.”

“It’s a big, aggressive plan,” Bedingfield continued. “It’s a perfect example of the kind of, you know, big effort that he is going to make to meet this moment and to meet these crises that we’re in.”

Despite getting tweets from Team Joe like this

We stand together as one America. We will rise stronger than we were before.


With full hearts and steady hands, with faith in America and in each other, with a love of country — and a thirst for justice — let us be the nation that we know we can be.


And other kumbaya coming together stuff (which he never offered Trump, nor offered opposition while he was VP, or while he was trashing the Iraq war and Bush 43), we know that he will govern from the far, far left, kowtowing to the Nancy Pelosi to AOC wing of the Democratic Party. Good luck with that unity stuff.

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7 Responses to “China-Unity Joe To Make Good On “Incredibly Progressive Agenda”

  1. Hairy says:

    Do you think “China Joe” will be closing down all of Icanka’s clothing factories in China? Will he seize Donald’s secret China bank account ?

  2. Dana says:

    You just don’t understand: when the evil reich-wing conservatives push their agenda, it’s mean and divisive; when the oh-so-noble left push their agenda, it’s good and noble and unifying.

  3. Professor Hale says:

    Strange that Uncle Joe didn’t have the secret “unification formula” back during the Obama administration. He must have found it in his basement.

  4. formwiz says:

    Why Gropin’ Joe will be lucky to get back to his basement.

    These are some of the people who voted in #PA…🧟‍♂️840 were 101 years old or older🧟‍♂️39 lived through the Civil War🧟‍♂️45 were born in the 1800s See it here for yourself:— Philly GOP (@PhillyGOP) November 7, 2020

  5. Kye says:

    The election from start to finish was a fix for red China Biden and the Whore. Biden will be an illegitimate pres if he does win. They really do have the most efficient voter fraud organization in history just like Biden stated. The only thing he didn’t lie about.

  6. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Donald J. TEACH sees ‘unity’ as doing what he wants. Unfortunately for TEACH, Joe Biden is President-elect.

    You should understand that a President Biden will govern differently than Trump.

    • Beijing Biden says:

      Yes Biden will govern different than Trump. He will spend all his time destroying the evidence he is the biggest Corrupt Crook in DC.

      He will spend his time cowering to Wall Street, Billionaires, PACS and Big Pharama who poured billions into the Democratic party to defeat Trump.

      Trump wanted to lower Drug prices. Squelch cheap labor from China. Bring Jobs back to America so the working class could have a real job with real benefits and real healthcare.

      China Joe will certainly govern differently. He is an illegitimate president for sure and you can rest assured he will not be a president for long. They will 25th amendment him in short order and Harris will be the radical leftist the insane left has dreamed about.

      A coup in every sense of the word, even using software with back doors to flip ballots for Biden. The dead are voting in droves.

      OH for sure Biden will have one 3 month agenda. Get that lap top. Then when Harris takes over she will Put anyone in jail who has access to the lap top and it is a forgone conclusion that the DOJ under Biden will Put Donald Trump on trial along with his children, grandchildren and anyone who worked for Trump.

      How do you like your new America there fellah?

      Yes for sure he will govern differntly.

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