St. Greta Suddenly Realizes World Leaders Are Climahypocrites

Congrats, Greta, you’re finally noticing this stuff. Of course, you won’t take the same lesson I did, that the people pushing the climate crisis scam the hardest are full of mule fritters, and that this isn’t about the climate but control. If Warmists aren’t willing to practice what they preach, and actually have bigger carbon footprints that everyone else, might this be a scam?

‘Hypocrites and greenwash’: Greta Thunberg blasts leaders over climate crisis

Greta Thunberg has blasted politicians as hypocrites and international climate summits as empty words and greenwash. Until humanity admits it has failed to tackle the climate crisis and begins treating it as an emergency like the coronavirus pandemic, society will be unable to stop global heating, she said.

In an interview with the Guardian, Thunberg said leaders were happy to set targets for decades into the future, but flinched when immediate action to cut emissions was needed. She said there was not a politician on the planet she would vote for: “If only,” said the teenager, who will turn 18 in January.

Funny, us Skeptics have noted the same thing, namely, that setting these targets far out allows politician Warmists to say they are Doing Something while not really doing the big things which would destroy their economies. Where’s St. Greta getting her money from? She’s not working. The rest of us have to earn a living.

A vital UN climate summit had been scheduled to begin on Monday in Glasgow but has been postponed for a year because of Covid-19. Thunberg, however, said she was not disappointed by the delay: “As long as we don’t treat the climate crisis like a crisis, we can have as many conferences as we want, but it will just be negotiations, empty words, loopholes and greenwash.”

She is also unimpressed with pledges by nations including the UK, China and Japan to reach net zero by 2050 or 2060. “They mean something symbolically, but if you look at what they actually include, or more importantly exclude, there are so many loopholes. We shouldn’t be focusing on dates 10, 20 or even 30 years in the future. If we don’t reduce our emissions now, then those distant targets won’t mean anything because our carbon budgets will be long gone.”

Many countries, including ones who are already kinda Warmist, won’t go full Jim Jones climate cultist. But, St. Greta is entirely correct about all the empty words, loopholes, and greenwashing.

Thunberg said there were no politicians she would vote for when she reaches voting age: “If only. I wish there was one politician or one party that was strong enough on these issues. Imagine how easy it would be if you could just support a politician.”

Justice is at the heart of her campaigning, Thunberg said. “That is the root of all this,” she said. “That’s why we are fighting for climate justice, social justice. They are so interlinked, you can’t have one without the other.”

And she proves that a) this is a cult, and b) it’s not really about the climate.

“The climate crisis is just one symptom of a much larger crisis, [including] the loss of biodiversity, the loss of fertile soil but also including inequality and threats to democracy,” she said. “These are symptoms that we are not living sustainably: we have reached the end of the road.”

Well, she is right on one thing: the Cult of Climastrology is a threat to the Democracy Model, as the people attempting to put all these plans in action essentially want to do away with people having a choice, having a voice, having a vote.

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3 Responses to “St. Greta Suddenly Realizes World Leaders Are Climahypocrites”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    I have come to the conclusion that it’s not even about the control. Just like with the rest of Communism, it’s all about the theft. People wanting stuff that doesn’t belong to them, so they manufacture political structures to take it from the people who have it. Despite what various communist doctrines say, it has always been about the theft.

  2. LongDarkWinter says:

    It is official. Newsmax TV surpassed both Fox Business and CNBC in daytime ratings the day after Election Day.

    Nielsen reported Wednesday that Newsmax drew 287,000 average viewers per minute in the key daypart 9am to 4pm, outpacing CNBC with 285,000 viewers and Fox Business with 281,000.

    Fox Business is notoriously led by the never Trumper Neil Cavuto who hates Trump and all these trade deals destroying his portfolio.

    Fox is finished. They made a decision to throw conservatives under the Bus. Those same people that gave Fox News the greatest ratings in history on election night plus for the last 20 years. No longer. The idiots made their bed. Now they get to lie in a bed where no one will watch them. Fox will become the new CNN in cable ratings.

    The left might abide Judas. The right never will. All of this because Fox called Arizona for Biden while they were still voting for house seats on the west coast in which the GOP had a chance to win up to 4 or 5 seats and POSSIBLY FLIP THE HOUSE. This was an attempt to further destroy voters desire to even vote in the midst of a pandemic.

    Fox calling Arizona is a bigger deal than people think especially since Trump is dangerously close to pulling out Arizona even as I type. But more it very likely was designed to punish the GOP by discouraging west coast voters who could have brought up to 4-5 more seats into the GOP Fold.


    The left wont embrace them. They have been enemy Number one for 2 decades by the left. The right despises them now. They have made their bed and destroyed their business model because the boss wanted to punish Trump. Good for them. This is America after all, they have that right. CANCELED.

  3. BillyP says:

    When Greta says somethine about weather modification them maybe she will have a clue.

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