Here Are 5 Things China Joe Can Do On Climate Crisis (scam)

Don’t think for a minute that China Joe will give up his own use of fossil fuels and make life at the White House net zero, these things would never apply to him

Five things Joe Biden can do to fight climate change — without Congress’ help

Climate change is fueling record-breaking fires, hurricanes and floods. Global emissions of greenhouse gases are returning to pre-pandemic levels. And America — which has emitted more planet-warming gases than any other nation — has just become the only country to quit the Paris climate agreement.

President-elect Joe Biden is a few months away from inheriting a seemingly impossible situation: a country where the majority of people say they are in favor of climate action but where a divided government in Washington will complicate any efforts to do so.

If Republicans keep control of the Senate, then much of the legislation that would be needed to implement Biden’s aggressive plans to tackle climate change would likely be blocked.

But there is a huge amount that Biden can accomplish on his own. Here’s a look at five areas of environmental policy that the next president can change without so much as a phone call to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

So, let’s see

One of the most significant steps Biden could take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions would to be reinstate tough nationwide rules for auto emissions and mileage standards that were put in place under the Obama administration and that essentially mirrored regulations already in effect in California. (snip)

But Biden has promised to reinstate the Obama standards and make them tougher, expanding them beyond passenger vehicles and SUVs into the most polluting trucks. He’s also likely to grant California a new waiver, allowing it and the 13 other states that have adopted its standards to crack down even more on tailpipe pollution.

The reduced emissions standards put in place by Trump really didn’t make much of a difference, because auto makers were trying to give greater MPG on cars and smaller SUVs. Biden, though, could hose the bigger SUVs and trucks which people are buying more of. Many automakers have done away with most or all of their sedans. So, higher prices, folks.

Biden could issue a new executive order directing the Interior Secretary to halt all oil and gas lease sales and permits. This would not block oil production that’s already taking place, but it would prevent more wells from being drilled and would allow for a gradual transition away from natural gas. The Obama administration used the same strategy to prevent the sale of new coal mining rights.

And your energy prices will go up, but, that’s not a problem for Biden, who will have you pay for his fossil fuels for flying and driving all over

Develop the Clean Power Plan 2.0

You don’t need more than the bullet point headline. The original CCP was put on hold by the courts after dozens of states sued, then killed off by the Trump admin. What makes them think this would not be hit with a lawsuit immediately, especially if it goes further? But, hey, if climate cultists love this, why don’t they all give up their own use of fossil fuels and only power their lives with solar and wind?

A report from Brown University’s Climate Solutions Lab lays out a series of steps that include creating a “climate club” of countries that volunteer to reduce emissions by agreeing to set a minimum price on carbon and penalize high-emitting countries through trade measures such as tariffs.

So China Joe could increase the cost of goods for American citizens, eh? Joe would prioritize other nations over the U.S.

Some environmental advocates have said that because we are barreling toward catastrophe, Biden should invoke emergency authority to address climate change. This step would be bold — quite possibly bolder than Biden is willing to be — and it would carry major rewards and risks.

Under emergency authority, a Biden administration could use military funding to quickly move the country away from coal and gas-powered plants and toward renewable energy. He could also increase the number of electric-vehicle charging stations, require automakers to produce more electric vehicles, and accelerate the expansion of clean-energy technology — all without having to ask Congress to approve new funding.

Oh, so, Fascism. Good to know.

In fairness, this is not China Joe saying this (yet), but, climate cultists writing for the LA Times and passing this off as news. Perhaps they should make their lives Net Zero, and the operations of the LA Times net zero.

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5 Responses to “Here Are 5 Things China Joe Can Do On Climate Crisis (scam)”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    TEACH, have you given up on Russia Don? He’s still fighting “the power”.

    One… reinstate tough nationwide rules for auto emissions and mileage standards

    Two… Interior Secretary to halt all (new) oil and gas lease sales and permits (+ methane capture)

    Three… repeal the Trump rule (that replaced Clean Power Plan) without any input from the Senate

    Four… rejoin Paris Climate Accord

    Five… declare national emergency (Biden wouldn’t do this)

    TEACH calls declaring a national emergency Fascism, although Russia Trump declared a national emergency at the southern border in order to hijack funds for His Wall.

    The first four reverse Russia Trump initiatives. The fifth would be just doing what Russia Trump did.

  2. Dana says:

    Just caught part of the current episode of This Old House, where yet another wealthy New England homeowner was having his crib remodeled. They were oh-so-very-careful to insulate well, but then they had their HVAC specialist talking about the new heating system and its exhaust for “combustion products.”

    In good, liberal New England, the wealthy guy is putting in a fossil fueled heating system. I guess that Kamala Harris Emhoff Joe Biden will make him take the damned thing out and use only electric heat.

  3. Jl says:

    “Barreling toward catastrophe…”. As we’ve been told for at least 30 years….

  4. Kye says:

    Has any prediction, prognostication, guess, model or expert opinion on any climate crap been correct yet? In the last 80 years, since the great Earth Day of 1970 brought to us by the Democommie murderer Ira Einhorn? Any?

  5. Professor Hale says:

    Basic economics: oil companies have already stopped drilling new wells because the price of oil is too low to support it. No government interference needed. A four-year moratorium on new drilling would do what the market is already going to do anyway.

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