TikTokers Unite For Climate Crisis (scam) Solutions

Oh, no, wait, they’re just about spreading awareness

Las Vegas Student Raises Climate Crisis Awareness on TikTok

Around one-third of TikTok’s 850 million active users worldwide are between the ages of 10 and 19. But those young people aren’t just sharing dance moves and makeup lessons; they’re also spreading awareness of climate change and what can be done about it.

A TikTok collective that calls itself “EcoTok“ includes a senior at Southeast Career and Technical Academy in Las Vegas.

“I would say EcoTok is a group of environmentalist from all over the country, and all over the world really, where we just post short video clips of anything educational or comedic, and we try to inspire the youth to take their own action, and try to get them to realize they can also make a difference,“ Alex Silva told KNPR’s State of Nevada.

The collective came together over the summer when Silva started talking with Alaina Wood, who lives in Tennesee. She is also an environmental activist.

So, people with no jobs and no employable skills yapping and dancing and stuff on TikTok, while doing little to nothing in their own lives to become carbon neutral.

So far, EcoTok has between 14 and 15 creators and about 67,000 followers.

Most of the content focuses on individual actions like composting, using less plastic and recycling. They seem like small actions but Wood said those actions add up.

Those are actually environmental, and, you can bet they don’t actually do it themselves.

They also introduce more complicated ideas like corporate greenwashing and industrial agriculture. Wood said tackling larger, more complex issues in just a few short seconds can start a conversation and prompt people to do further research.

Oh, good, a conversation

Although the videos they put on TikTok aim to show people the things they can do to address climate change on their own, the EcoTok collective also recently had a series of ‘video confessions,’ where creators confessed to their missteps when it comes to the environment.

Sliva admitted he still uses single-use plastics and Wood admitted she will drive when she could bike or walk.

Silva said the idea was to show people you don’t have to be 100 percent zero waste to make a difference.

“We shouldn’t feel pressured to be 100 percent perfect,” he said.

In other words, being a climahypocrite is A-OK as long as you’re preaching.

@eco_tok unfortunately the recycling process is broken. REDUCE those plastics. @sabrina.sustainable.life ##recycling ##plastic ##lowwaste ##ecotok ♬ original sound – 🐝𝕙𝕠𝕟𝕖𝕪𝕓𝕖𝕖🐝

Not sure if this will embed, we’ll see when it posts. The dancing really sells it, eh?

@eco_tok The climate crisis is happening. We NEED global action @tofology ##climatecrisis ##wildfires ##climatechange ##ScienceAtHome

♬ Whole Lotta Choppas – Sada Baby

And a blatant lie.

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3 Responses to “TikTokers Unite For Climate Crisis (scam) Solutions”

  1. Est1950 says:

    Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.

    Vladimir Lenin

    When we are no longer able to change a situation – we are challenged to change ourselves.

    Viktor E. Frankl

    and lastly and most telling.

    “Give me just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.”

    ― Vladimir Lenin

    Why is it you suppose our government created a department of Education?

    Why is it you suppose that our states have abdicated their authority to the federal government.

    Why is it you suppose that the senate and house have abdicated their authority to the president.

    With social media the thoughts of Lenin and Frankl are now a reality. They do have our youth, are able to subtly change their minds and to indoctrinate them into something that is wholly against their own best interests.

    On the internet is a whole army of Chinese teachers, teaching our youth the perils of AGW and turning them against authority.

    We asked for it and to rationally and critically think has been taken out of our hands because as a generation of parents we have let Television, Hollywood and the internet Babysit and raise our kids.

    Tik Tok is but the latest example of this and the reason it is so popular is because the Chinese made it easier to use than YouTube and Facebook.

    Get used to it people, the world is headed toward communism because our leaders are incapable of fighting the internet which has foreign actors teaching our youth some very insane ideas. And anyone that does not believe me just find a random child, ages 10-20 and ask them questions about the world, politics or America and you will find them absolutely and totally clueless.

  2. Est1950 says:

    One last thing I would like to point out about the Trump/Biden Debate.

    Biden made a deliberate attempt to act the ass just as Trump does. He has repeatedly said he would not be pushed around by Trump and that he would kick Trump’s ass in a debate.

    He was purposely trying to throw shade at Trump like Trump does to his opponents. He was bad at it and it resulted in what we saw Tuesday night. This is on Biden and Chris Wallace. We already know what Trump is, and Chris Wallace is done. I re-watched that debate and the number of gotcha questions thrown at Trump while at the same time pulling Candy Crowley moments by defending and ganging up on Trump with Biden was insane. It is no secret Wallace is a staunch Liberal but he is at least an old school liberal which has made him tolerable in today’s communist democratic party but still. He is a dinosaur.

    So the debates are pointless in today’s modern world. Especially since Trump has laid out a clear agenda and so has Biden, even though Biden claims what is WRITTEN IN STONE in the Democratic platform is NOT what he thinks.

    He is trying to convince people he is in charge and is trying to run from AOC, BERNIE and the Communist wing of his party but we all know that if he wins who will actually be running the show.

    You got it. The communist left. Every president runs home to those that brung him when they get elected and it is always a strategy by BOTH sides to CAMPAIGN as moderates but all one has to do is look at the party when they pull that lever.

    Do you want your man/woman to be owned by Bernie Sanders, AOC and the SQUAD of commies or do you want them to be owned by McConnell and McCarthey staunch establishment old school conservatives who are in bed with wall street and corporations.

    I for one always bite my tongue and vote GOP because the alternative is just to terrible to contemplate.

  3. Kye says:

    Est1950’s closing line “I for one always bite my tongue and vote GOP because the alternative is just to terrible to contemplate.” is part of what separates us from the left. We don’t vote for Republicans like Elwood believes and is want to accuse, rather we vote for conservatives. We vote for the people we believe will preserve/conserve America’s heritage, culture, history, beliefs, law and above all our Founding documents. Sadly for us and for America they are few and seldom maintain their spoken beliefs since they are, after all, politicians. What is even sadder the communists/BLM/Antifa/Maoist/Marxist loving left in America vote for anti America, Christian hating, Freedom loathing communists and get Exactly what they vote for.

    We believe in Patriotism and by extension Nationalism. Not White nationalism like Elwood accuses or Christian Nationalism like he thinks is lurking in the mind of every Christian (even though we had 200 years to create his feared Christian theocracy but didn’t) but good old fashioned American Nationalism. Not for whites or blacks or Jews or Christians and certainly not for Republicans or Democrats but for all Freedom loving Americans who believe in our one main underlying concept: Equality under the Law. Not equality of outcome, not “racial justice” or any other leftist “enhancer” strategically placed in front of “justice” to change it’s meaning from real equality to some unobtainable idea of equal justice currently in vogue to harvest Democrat votes.

    Trump 2020 Or the Trojan Horse BJ Harris will be POTUS within the first year. Is that what you want?

    Yesterday, Philadelphia Democrat officials refused to allow Republican poll watchers to observe early voting sites in the city. As President Trump said in the debate last night “They were thrown out, they weren’t allowed to watch. You know why? ‘Because bad things happen in Philadelphia…” already stealing votes.


    BTW, the reason I fell ill yesterday was on top of everything I have pleurisy and freekin pneumonia (so much for the touted pneumonia shots) so my pulmonologist from Penn had me go to the emergency room at Abington to get CT and x-rays. Apologies to Elwood for that curt response but I really couldn’t breathe.

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