Biden: No More Coal And Oil, Doesn’t Support Green New Deal

Climate cultists should be happy, as the climate change (scam) came up during the debate in what was a free for all (and the people who won were those who didn’t watch)

Trump, Biden spar over climate change at debate

President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden sparred over climate change and their respective records on the issue during Tuesday night’s presidential debate.

Moderator Chris Wallace asked Trump during one segment of the debate whether he believed that human greenhouse gas emissions contribute to warming of the planet.

“I think a lot of things do but I think to an extent yes,” the president said, later adding in reference to current wildfires blazing in the West that “we have to do better management of our forests.” (snip)

Meanwhile, Biden defended his own energy policies, saying they would create jobs.

The candidates became heated when Biden began to criticize Trump administration moves that roll back the regulations of methane emissions and weaken fuel economy standards.

Trump interjected, invoking the Green New Deal, a group of policies advocated by progressives that are aimed at mobilizing the economy to fight climate change.

Biden’s campaign has called the Green New Deal a “crucial framework for meeting the climate challenges we face” but has refused to explicitly endorse it.

Since Trump repeatedly attempted to link Joe the super expensive, big government plan, Joe specifically went on to say he doesn’t endorse the GND

Ed Markey, the Senate sponsor of the GND, who also voted “present” on it, had to do a little damage control

“I support the Green New Deal and I’m voting for Vice President Joe Biden,” Sen. Ed Markey — who wrote the Green New Deal with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and has made it central to his re-election campaign — said in a statement after the debate Tuesday night,

“Donald Trump is wrong,” the Massachusetts senator added. “The progressive left is with Joe Biden, and we will pass a Green New Deal.”

Perhaps Ed could ask the House sponsor, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, why the Progressive House has not only not passed it, but, hasn’t even bothered with it in committee

Ocasio-Cortez similarly dismissed an attempt Tuesday night to incite intra-party squabbles by former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway

“This isn’t news, Kellyanne,” the New York Democrat tweeted, noting that her “differences” with Biden were “exactly” why she joined — and led — a unity task force with former Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry to help shape the Biden campaign’s climate plan.

On the bright side, AOC is more about talking and taking cutesy videos and apoplexy than actually doing the hard work to get legislation passed (or even discussed in committee).

Anyhow, Warmists should be happy that it was discussed

Joe Biden: No More Coal or Oil Plants in America

Former Vice President Joe Biden said during the presidential debate on Tuesday night that, under his administration, the country will not build any more coal or oil plants in America.

“Nobody’s going to build another coal-fired plant in America. No one’s going to build another oil-fired power plant in America. They’re going to move to renewable energy,” Biden said.

Biden’s promise that the country will not create a new coal or oil plant under his administration would significantly impact America’s coal mining industries.

Realistically, it is time to move away from coal, as it is polluting, and I’m not referring to CO2, but, real environmental issues, but, Biden wants all those coal workers to learn to code. But, what of natural gas? Joe’s climate plan (written by climate extremists, of course), bans new permitting for gas and oil on federal lands. And work to disallow all gas and oil production from Arctic area.

Anyhow, you happy, Warmists? Your cult got some discussion. You know that they will demand more for the next debate.

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2 Responses to “Biden: No More Coal And Oil, Doesn’t Support Green New Deal”

  1. Nighthawk says:

    Yeah, Biden has it all figured out. That is why solar energy companies formed under the Obama admin folded left and right taking tax payer money with them and leaving environmental disasters is their wake. Biden says his plan will create millions of jobs. What good does it do creating say, 2 million jobs when you destroy 10 million jobs in the process?

    Biden also lied through his teeth. Extreme weather events are becoming less intense and less frequent. There are fewer wild fires and less acreage burnt. And all of this did happen in the past and was worse.

    Biden did nothing but spout talking points, lie and pander to low information voters. Trump’s mistake was interrupting Biden. Biden is his own worst enemy when he talks. Just let him go and he will destroy himself.

  2. Professor Hale says:

    Same old playbook Biden memorized decades ago. Yet in all that time, Biden has never created any jobs.

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