Climate Crisis (scam) Is Driven By White Supremacy Or Something

Here’s a hot take that I’ve never real seen before. Never discount the ability of cultists to come up with new stuff

How White Supremacy Caused the Climate Crisis

I write this today from California, a state currently besieged, yet again, by historic fires that are raging across the US West Coast just as other parts of the country also reel from the horrific outgrowths of the climate crisis — including deadly hurricanes on the US East Coast . In other places around the country, innocent people are being gunned down by police — and violent White supremacists — because of the color of their skin, or because they stand against the brutality of racism. How did the world arrive at a place where both nature and humanity suffer so severely, and in such a concurrent manner? And are these seemingly separate issues somehow profoundly linked? Did racism not only fuel horrific violence, but also global warming itself?

The climate crisis was and is fueled by a racial supremacy that has long devalued everything and everyone but the “chosen ones.” The hierarchical worldview of White supremacy means that moral value is measured by the profits and powers of that select group, to the detriment of everyone, and everything, else. Colonized peoples and lands are perceived only as tools for the accumulation of wealth and power. Oppression and destruction based on racialized, gendered, and other socially constructed categories are rooted in the idea that dominance and control are the “natural” rights of White people, particularly men.

The climate crisis “didn’t appear out of thin air. Someone did this to us: the fossil fuel industry and the governments that aided and abetted it,” writes climate justice essayist and writer Mary Annaïse Heglar. “The fossil fuel industry was born of the industrial revolution, which was born of slavery, which was born of colonialism.”

Adding to this, one could find a common thread present in colonialism, slavery, and the industrial revolution: White supremacy. For could colonialism or slavery exist without a culture and belief of racial supremacy? Scholars endlessly analyze the inner-workings of these complex and intertwined historical processes in search of causality. The truth is there are many chickens and many eggs in these stories, and yet a few constants as well. Hierarchical notions of humanity and race were ever-present in these histories — and they often serve as rationalizations for behaviors that have brought societies to various global crises, particularly the climate crisis itself.

In 1846, Missouri Senator Thomas Hart Benton embodied White supremacy in his exclamation that “It would seem that the White race alone received the divine command, to subdue and replenish the earth: for it is the only race that has obeyed it — the only race that hunts out new and distant lands, and even a New World, to subdue and replenish….” (Congressional Globe, 29:1 (1846), 917).

Wait a second

As a hotheaded youth on the frontier Thomas Hart Benton (1782-1858) once fought a duel with Andrew Jackson, who carried Benton’s bullet in his body for the rest of his life. Neither man could have anticipated that after Jackson was elected president, Benton as a Missouri Democrat..

So, this whole climate crisis as part of white supremacy thing is actually caused by Democrats? Huh.

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6 Responses to “Climate Crisis (scam) Is Driven By White Supremacy Or Something”

  1. Est1950 says:

    One of the many reasons I have grown to hate Fox news.

    Buzzfeed used to be this news aggregate for Conservatives. Over a course of about 3 years it very slowly changed its tone and moderation until now it is nothing but Never Trumper, anti-conservative shilling for the left. They seeped in slowly while keeping readers hooked as long as possible until they could make the full switch.

    Well Fox News has been doing the same thing. They are hiring left wing shills who masquerade as conservative voices while spouting leftist talking points when doing interviews and the like. It is nearly impossible to find a real conservative on their platform now except for Tucker, Hannity and Ingram.

    Fox news just came out with a poll showing Biden leading handily with the margin of error of 3 points. YET. Later in their analysis they break down the Margin of error for every group sampled and it is 3.5-9.5 points with almost all groups being in the 6-9 range.

    Some explain to me how the margin of Error can be 3 points when not a single group was 3 points with every group being 3.5-9.5?

    No Fox News is doing the same thing that the rest of the pollsters are doing. They are giving you fake results so that when the election is won by Biden they can say. See the polling said this was going to happen and no one believed it. Fox now counts you as STUPID like the Rest of the MSM.

    One last thing. Almost all YouTubers are in it for money. Hits, subscribers and views drive revenue. I have watched 100’s of YouTubers who used to be Leftists now proclaiming themselves as MAGA wearing supporters. These feel good stories took channels that were getting 4000 views per day and turning them into getting 150k per day and more.

    Tim Pool slowly went from a Staunch Never Trumper to a pro Donald Trump. His three channels now have more views than the entire MSM combined on YouTube.

    Dave Rubin, a member of the Young Turks had an Epiphany and so now as he speaks favorably of the right his channel has gone through the roof.

    Ben Shapiro a leader of the Never Trump movement has gone from a staunch hater to a serious supporter of Trump. His views are staggering.

    Conservatives want voices, I am afraid that many of the voices they seek on YouTube the only real alternative are mostly there for the Money and all most of them do is just rehash the news and give their opinion. There are very few channels that actually seek out the news and bring you real reporting.

    I have studied 100’s of these channels to see pro leftists now making large sums of money with Hungry Conservatives looking for someone in this country that shares their beliefs, Because Fox news has gone down the Rabbit hole and in a year or two it will be another Broke, Woke leftist rag.

    It will just take awhile for the right to wake up and realize they have been duped and as I type they are being brainwashed by the entire MSM including Fox News.

    • Professor Hale says:

      Fox has never been a “right wing” news agency. They just weren’t as virulently leftist as the others. It was CNN who branded them “right wing” as a marketing strategy to win back some of their market share. Knowing how few people actually watch CNN, it’s amazing how their marketing campaign against Fox has gained so much credibility.

      • climate denier level 6 says:

        You have one thing wrong. The polls showing Biden ahead are indeed false, that way when Trump wins, the Demoncrats can say “see Biden should have won, Trump cheated’

        • Professor Hale says:

          That doesn’t make me wrong, since I didn’t say anything about that topic.

          • Est1950 says:

            He was referring to my post. Additionally I never said they were a “right wing” news agency. I only used the word conservative to describe them.

            Additionally My post, had you read it, discussed the fake news pervading YouTube for money. In other words, people who used to be shills for the left have become walkaway love them some Trump and conservatives because the right is desperate for news sources.

            The left has CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, NPR, CNN, TNT, while the right was relegated to Fox News. Now Fox News is turning left as Murdoc’s son who is a staunch leftist and never Trumper is slowly forcing the network left to join the likes of CNN and MSNBC.

            Conservatives are starving for representation and there is almost none, and even as we speak social media is running the right off their platforms so there will be but one choir singing leftist propaganda going forward.

  2. D3F1ANT says:

    It’s hilarious that Democrats can write such preposterous fiction and then tout their dedication to and acceptance of science! LOL! But what else can one expect from the party of “scientists” who believe a human being can somehow change his or her sex!? Add to that the facts that we’ve ALWAYS had hurricanes (well before we’ve had fossil fuel) and that we’ve already caught a number of BLM/Antifa race-terrorists in the act of lighting these fires! This is just more grist for the Democrat propaganda mill. It’s astounding that they get their base to swallow this fat blue pill.

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