Climate Cult Kids Urged To Get Out In Streets And Protest Friday

I’m guessing that, with the U.S. elections approaching, the climate cult has discarded COVID as an attempt to take Trump down, and are saying that it really wasn’t that big of a deal. These are the same people who typically screech about staying at home and wear your mask.

Children urged to strike against lack of action on climate emergency

Schoolchildren around the world are being urged to go on strike to protest against a lack of action on the climate crisis.

Children and their supporters are invited to take to the streets on Friday, if it is safe to do so, or to go online with their protests “in whatever way suits you best”, according to the organisers.

This will be the first such action since the coronavirus pandemic struck. Greta Thunberg, the Swedish school strike pioneer and activist, said: “Extreme weather driven by the climate crisis is accelerating around the world, and yet we still don’t treat it as a crisis. We are in a global emergency that affects all of us. However, not everyone is suffering its consequences equally.”

The protests will focus on Mapa, a new term for “most affected people and areas”, which the organisers prefer to older phrases such as “the global south”. Protesters are asked to make the Mapa signal, which is two closed fists pressed together with thumbs up, symbolising strength, solidarity and hope.

Oh, good, a new talking point and term! With a new signal! Definitely not a cult.

“We live in the midst of a pandemic, but climate change is just as much of a crisis as it was before,” said Fridays for Future, the youth movement sparked by Thunberg’s school strikes, in a statement. “As society is starting to open up in many places in the world, global emissions and resource use is rapidly increasing and we are running out of time … This is not a time to be silent.”

Is anyone else thinking this is rather a racist attitude, a supremacist attitude, with this climate cultists saying that it’s their job as uber-white Warmists to protect those black and brown people in the south? That black and brown people cannot do anything without the help of uber-white 1st worlders?

Anyhow, I’m looking forward to seeing all these kiddies gathered together with little to no social distancing.

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