HotCold Take: Half Of Americans Could Maybe Possibly See Harsher Conditions From Climate Crisis (scam)

They aren’t even pretending that this is anything other than straight up scare-mongering

Half of all Americans could find themselves in harsher conditions as the climate crisis causes wildfires on the West Coast, hurricanes on the East Coast, and natural disasters throughout the country

About half of all Americans, or 162 million residents, will likely see a decline in the quality of their environment as the climate crisis continues to cause natural disasters all across the country, ProPublica reported.

The changes would mostly be extreme heat and less water. Around 93 million of them would see severe changes to their environment, and for four million the changes would be almost inhabitable in the next 50 years.

The assessment comes as wildfires ravage the West Coast, hurricanes hit the East Coast, and other natural disasters hit regions all across the country.

Tens of thousands of people have already fled their homes in Washington, Oregon, and California, as unprecedented wildfires have been raging.

Would these be the wildfires started primarily by arsonists and accidents, not the God Of Climate?

In the US, the climate crisis will likely lead to the growth of cities that are not prepared to handle the increased population. The cities’ inability to provide basic services will increase already existing inequalities, ProPublica reported.

However, according to ProPublica, the impact is so widespread and diverse that Americans looking to flee one disaster in one part of the country, are likely to run into another issue in another part.

At least 28 million may face mega-fires in areas such as Texas and Florida, while another 100 million in mostly the Mississippi River Basin will likely face extreme humidity that working or playing outside could cause heatstroke.

The left-leaning ProPublica screed is a long, long, long piece, which seems to most be prognosticating doom over the author’s experience in the mismanaged state of California. And, get this: it doesn’t offer one solution. Just fearmongering. This is not science, it’s a cult.

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2 Responses to “HotCold Take: Half Of Americans Could Maybe Possibly See Harsher Conditions From Climate Crisis (scam)”

    • Est1950 says:

      The babylonbee is satire. Funny, but Satire.

      On a more interesting note since this story brought up gays, a recent poll of QUEER MEN…their words not mine….showed that 51 percent of QUEER MEN prefer Trump over Biden.

      This is in line with the very insideous threat to Gays and Lesbians they see from the Transgender movement which has taken the eye off their plight and put it on the plight of 1/10 of 1/100, of 1/1000th of a percent of the population.

      In essence Gay people have said openly that the GOP is no longer the homophobic party they were 20-30 years ago which is why they are losing some traction with the religious right.

      So while the GOP is much more like the party of JFK in 1960. Classical Liberal. Classical liberalism is a political ideology that favors the protection of individual liberty and economic freedom by limiting government power. Classical liberalism emerged during the 18th and early 19th centuries in response to the sweeping social changes precipitated by the Industrial Revolution.

      What we are witnessing is something that has been pretty prevalent within the United States since its founding. About every 60-80 years the two major parties flip flop positions. The last time this happened was FDR taking Teddy Roosevelts Bull Moose Platform and making it his own. The democratic party basically took over the GOP’s platform and made it their own forcing the GOP to adopt the Classical Liberal position.

      Today we are witnessing the same thing. The left wants war. The right wants peace. The left wants to supervise your sexual desires, the right wants you to STFU about sex and move along. The left is pushing Gays away, the right is absorbing them in a more inclusive party. The KKK is more aligned now with the left and their radical insurgency than they are with the right.

      As you can see history unfolding as the right becomes the left and the left becomes the right. You know. As Elwood always says. The right is FASCIST and Authoritarian.

      Well guess whose taken up that mantle. Hint. Hint. Antifa, BLM, Cancel.

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