LA Times: Biden Should Totally Not Play Trump’s Game And Release Supreme Court Picks List

This should be good!

Opinion: Trump released another gimmicky Supreme Court ‘list’; Biden shouldn’t follow suit

Amid an uproar over interviews with Bob Woodward in which President Trump admitted to downplaying the coronavirus, on Wednesday the president sought (unsuccessfully) to shift public attention to something else: the future of the Supreme Court, which he said was threatened by a possible victory by Joe Biden.

Trump released yet another list of potential Supreme Court appointees — including prominent legal conservatives such as former Solicitor General Paul Clement along with three Republican U.S. senators: Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton and Josh Hawley. (Hawley promptly said that he wasn’t interested.)

Trump dared Biden to come up with his own list, so that Americans could “properly make a decision on how they will vote.”

Biden shouldn’t take the bait. He already has committed to naming a black woman to the high court and said in June that he wouldn’t release the names of candidates in that category “until we go further down the line in vetting them” — but it wasn’t clear whether he would disclose such names before the election.

Biden is under no obligation to dangle a list of names before the voters and subject the lawyers and judges on the list to partisan attacks.

And suppose Biden did commit himself to naming justices from a list. He’d be hamstringing himself if a vacancy occurred in his administration and a new candidate emerged — say, Barack Obama, who in the past has said that a seat on the court would be “a little bit too monastic for me.” (Biden has said that he would appoint Obama to the court “if he’d take it.”)

This continues on for a while, and, really, Biden is under no obligation. More importantly, releasing a list would show just how extreme Biden and the Democratic Party have become. If Joe’s list isn’t extreme enough, he’ll be excoriated by the Dem base. If it is extreme enough, Biden will show how extreme he is.

Next up will be media folks telling that Biden is under no obligation to release medical records.

That said, the “no obligation” thing is interesting: Trump is under no obligation to release any tax records. The Constitution doesn’t require that. Yet, Democrats still want them.

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4 Responses to “LA Times: Biden Should Totally Not Play Trump’s Game And Release Supreme Court Picks List”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    It doesn’t really matter the name of his appointee. We know she will be another Soto-Kagen-Berg who will vote party line on every case. Only Republicans nominate people with enough judicial independence to stab their own party in the back.

  2. Est1950 says:

    Track the stats. Covid-19 is not a problem worldwide now. There is herd immunity nearly everywhere.

    The death rate in the United States is a lie. Why? If you listed someone as dying from Covid-19 as a hospital you got MORE MONEY.

    Big deal right? Yes it was. Because hospitals stopped doing all surgeries and were on the verge of bankruptcy daily. So drum up those numbers to get more money from the states and Feds. Yes there were deaths from Covid-19 but they were on par with the flu, not Ebola which the democrats would have you believe.

    Look at the two places that track deaths and cases. Johns Hopkins has nearly quit tracking either. The other site just lists every state but Idaho and Puerto Rico as Unknown.

    Deaths are nearly non existent. Hospitals are back to doing elective surgeries. I literally checked with sources and a dozen different hospitals have not had a covid admission in weeks as far as the ICU is concerned.

    Most doctors I speak with are convinced we have herd immunity now. Which means the democrats are lying out their asses and Trump was right not to start a panic. Most deaths are inflated and did not result from Covid-19, except where several democratic governors put sick people in nursing homes, like In NY, NJ and WA. Notice the color of those states? Gotta ring up those numbers to get more dollars from the feds and make Trump look bad.

    Motorcycle accidents where the patient tested positive for the virus before he died was listed as Covid-19.

    The science? I am 70 years old. I walk around without a mask all day long. Why? Because 1/4th of the population was already immune or certainly had the coronavirus anti-bodies in them from past colds caused by one of 4 corona viruses. I am one of those people. If you had several colds in the last 20 years most likely you have had at least one corona virus cold which gives you anti-bodies effective against COVID-19.

    This was the biggest scam perpetrated on the world. China has been wide open for months while the rest of the world hides in panic. China is laughing their asses off at the coward left. Sissy snowflakes.

    Buck up citizens. COVID-19 is the Democrats Osama Bin Laden, AGW and Racism all rolled into one neat Authoritarian bundle topped off with a symbol like the Cross. Their symbol? A mask that can’t hold water let alone stop a microscopic VIRUS!!

  3. drowningpuppies says:

    It doesn’t really matter the name of his appointee.

    … because he hasn’t a China man’s chance of getting elected.


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