Climate Cultists Hail Ed Markey Victory

They’re thinking this is bold action. This is from 5 days ago, but, even the UK Guardian, the most pro Cult of Climastrology major media outlet in the world, doesn’t do all that much with Hotcoldwetdry these days, because most do not not care in practice

‘Bold action is a winning message’: climate advocates hail Ed Markey win

US climate advocates have their highest-profile evidence yet that putting the crisis first can win elections. And it arrived in an unlikely package: a 74-year-old Senate incumbent, who garnered intense grassroots support from young activists.

Ed Markey this week won a decisive victory in the Massachusetts Democratic primary election over Joe Kennedy who was challenging for his seat, the latest scion of the American political dynasty who had backing from the country’s top Democrat, the House speaker, Nancy Pelosi.

John Podesta, who was Barack Obama’s climate adviser, said Markey’s win “sent a resounding message: the politics of climate have changed and embracing bold climate action is a winning message in tough races”. (snip)

It came as no surprise that climate was the major focus of Markey’s campaign. He introduced the Green New Deal alongside the New York congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez last year. And his name is on the Waxman-Markey climate bill of 2009, which is the closest Congress has ever come to taking significant action on climate change.

Say, remember when Markey voted “present” when the Senate voted on his own GND? Oh, and how he takes long fossil fueled flights from Mass to D.C. and back all the time? And how Waxman-Markey went nowhere in a Senate controlled by the Democrats?

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One Response to “Climate Cultists Hail Ed Markey Victory”

  1. Est1950 says:

    New poll out of Florida gives trump 50 percent of the Hispanic vote and 19 percent of the black vote. Biden gets 46 percent of the Hispanics and 71 percent of the black vote. 10 percent of the blacks are undecided.

    A recent poll of their mayor by Portlanders show the mayor only garners 26 percent approval. Polls out of the suburbs show drastic swing in support away from Biden and towards Trump.

    This is why they brought Hiden Biden out of the Basement.

    Mass exodus of people fleeing larger cities and heading to the suburbs or other towns is never more prominent than in NYC where there is always a waiting list for Apartments and as of two days ago their are 18,344 vacant apartments in NYC. It is amazingly hard to imagine even democrats voting for Biden after being forced out of their homes and businesses by Democratic policy.

    Several Blue cities are running businesses out of business and then buying their buildings for the homeless.

    Trump is winning, there is a montage of Trump being called a traitor by Nancy Pelosi and Chuckie as well as dozens of Never Trumpers now filling the air waves for the other networks.

    Another montage of Nancy Pelosi calling for uprisings in the streets as well as other politicians like Schiff and Nadler and several more of the Usual leftists on the airwaves.

    Kamala Harris took to twitter to encourage further riots. We have to take to the streets. She encourages people to post bail for those arrested for RIOTING.

    Boycott Disney/ABC’s Mulan trends on Twitter after credits reveal region of China where movie was filmed. The treatment of Uyghur Muslims in China’s Xinjiang region — where some of the film was shot — and China’s crackdown of human freedoms in Hong Kong. Disney praises China for letting them film in an area where there are 500 concentration camps harvesting human organs.

    Disney’s ‘Mulan’ faces boycott calls from activists in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand.

    Hollywood is “betraying” the values it “purports to champion,”

    This is not just a USA thing as China has lost the support of nearly every country on the planet with a few notable exceptions.

    And finally If Harris is saying on the campaign trails she will sign executive orders to do this or that then it is quite apparent she was given the assurance she will be president with in a few months If Biden wins. She is running her campaign as if she is running for president and not VP.

    For some disturbing news yesterday India and China traded actually small arms fire. The first time since their last war. A couple of days ago several Indian’s went missing on the border, most likely abducted by China Spec Ops. The heat is being turned up by XI who just underwent a substantial behind closed doors CCP meeting. After he emerged several crackdowns began including Jackie Chan having his home taken from him.

    Why Jackie Chan? He is the charge of the Opposition Faction within the CCP. Xi is making a statement. Several Billionaires have been arrested on corruption charges. Which is funny considering every billionaire in China is corrupt. You just have to be on the winning side to win in China. Sort of like how the Democrats want America to be in the coming near future.

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