Bummer: Majority In Idaho Against Letting Gender Confused Men Compete Against Women

I’ll take this survey with a slight grain of salt, as it does seem a bit biased, but, really, even without that bias, most people are probably against letting “trans-women” compete against biological women in sports

Poll: Majority of Idaho Voters Approve Law to Protect Female Athletes from Transgender Competitors

A poll conducted by Spry Strategies and the Women’s Liberation Front (WOLF) revealed what Idaho voters think about the state’s new law that protects female athletes from competing against biological male athletes who “identify” as a woman.

WOLF issued a press release about the findings:

While radical feminists and conservative Christians have together been the mainstay of organized opposition to the increasingly strange demands of the gender identity movement, these polling numbers show that our positions are solidly within the mainstream of opinion, in both red Idaho, and blue California.

Seventy-nine percent of likely voters in Idaho, and 74 percent of likely voters in California, agree with us that boys and men should not be allowed to identify their way into female-only sporting competitions.

These results track with previous polling that Spry performed for the American Principles Project this July, where an average of 77 percent of voters across ten battleground states—Arizona , Georgia , Iowa , Kentucky , Michigan , Montana , North Carolina , Pennsylvania , Texas , and Wisconsin—also disagreed with letting boys and men compete against girls and women.

The Idaho law, the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, was sponsored by State Rep. Barbara Ehardt and signed by Gov. Brad Little in March with the support of 66 percent of likely Idaho voters.

If someone wants to be gender confused, that’s on them. They shouldn’t be able to force those beliefs on Other People and take away the sporting, and other, opportunities from real women.

Of course, this isn’t really a “Christian” issue, it’s an issue that people of all stripes are against allowing to happen. And it is definitely anti-science, in that no matter what one does, one is still biologically male or female.

Double of course, this doesn’t mean the hardcore moonbats won’t stop in their attempts to force this down our throats, no matter how many girls and women are hurt. They have a Narrative, and, while they talk a lot about Democracy, they are intolerant and unaccepted when they lose.

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