St. Louis’ Mayor Ran Away From “Protesters” Causing Havoc In Her Neighborhood

Hot Air’s Jazz Shaw notes

We’re starting to see something of a pattern developing among the Democratic mayors in large American cities where protests and riots have gripped the streets. It generally plays out the same way. The mayors are very supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement and say or do whatever they can to appease them. But it never seems to be enough and, before you know it, the protesters wind up camping out on the mayor’s doorstep, not at City Hall, but at their personal home. So what do they do then? They either call in the goon squads to keep the riff-raff away (as was done by the Mayor of Chicago) or they pack up and move (as happened most recently in Portland).

And then there’s the mayor of St. Louis, who has been super permissive of all the BLM/Antifa stuff

(St. Louis Today) Mayor Lyda Krewson has temporarily relocated after a string of protests at her Central West End home.

The mayor on Wednesday confirmed that she and her husband, former television reporter Mike Owens, have been living at an apartment, also in the Central West End.

“We have not lived at home for 2 months,” Krewson said in a text message to a reporter. “We did it to deescalate the situation, to save police resources, and importantly because our neighbors were being disturbed and threatened.”

The mayor said “for me it comes with the territory.”

“I ran for this job — my neighbors did not,” Krewson said.

There’s only one problem: the protesters didn’t know she skedaddled, hence, they continue to protest at her house, making lots of noise and graffiti and trash, meaning her neighbors have to deal with this. Thanks, mayor! Oh, and one other thing

During one such protest on June 28, attorneys Mark and Patricia McCloskey gained national attention after they were photographed pointing guns at marchers outside their Portland Place home. The protesters entered the private street on their way to Krewson’s house.

That’s right, the same neighborhood, which caused the McCloskey’s to fear for their lives. This is what the mayor secretly escaped.

Jazz asks some good questions

This idea of leaving to prevent your neighbors from being harassed by the mob is an interesting one. It implies, much the same as we saw in Chicago, that the mayor and her family are somehow exempt from the effects of the riots and it’s unreasonable to expect them to be personally accosted. The same seems to apply to anyone lucky enough to live on the same block as the mayor. But what about everyone else in the city? What about the business owners and the apartment dwellers who live downtown? They aren’t granted any special exemptions or extra police protection. They’re left to bar their doors and pray that the building isn’t set ablaze.

Politicians get police protection, even as some call to defund the police. Business owners and residents of the violent areas? Not so much.

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3 Responses to “St. Louis’ Mayor Ran Away From “Protesters” Causing Havoc In Her Neighborhood”

  1. George_Banner says:

    It is in the very nature of a feudal lord, in our case the modern leftoxenomorph kind, to have double standards and to pontificate to the peasants with one message and do exactly whatever the hell she wants by herself.

    In the medieval Dark Ages this was the normal and nothing has changed.

    Leftoxenomorph wokeraty think of themselves so above the peasants that they feel no guilt practicing exactly the old ways of people they would deride as the worst offenders.

    Leftoxenomorphs are the epitome of elitists who make it a way of life to pretend to be against elitism and accuse any foe of being what they are themselves.

    The soviet peasants went without bread or had to do with horrible bread while in their dachas the soviet nomenklatura lived a live of feudal luxury just like the tsarist nobility they murdered and replaced.

    No sympathy for the tsarist nobility, here. The point is, communists always pretend to bring something better but simply put themselves at the top and the rest can go waiting for the promised “paradise”, forever.

    Leftoxenomorphs can only distribute misery, ruin and genocide.

    There is not one example in history were collectivism has triumphed in giving the common people a better life.

    The whole of the woke movement today is a con job by aspiring feudal lords go secure their feudal positions in the ruins of the US and Western civilization.

    It is a war of conquest and loot and enslavement.

    The exact opposite of their declared objectives.

    The wokeraty pander to the mob but they don’t want to have the mob near them.

    The useful idiots of the mob are just tools.

    Yuri Bezmenov was quite clear about it: if the wokeraty get away with their sovietization plans the useful idiots will be the first to die.

    Ask the ghost of che guevara.

  2. Dana says:

    How is it, I have to ask, that the Mayoress was able to abandon her home two months ago — right about the time the “mostly peaceful protesters” entered her appropriately named Portland Place neighborhood — and it was kept a secret all this time?

    Did none of her neighbors notice that she was never home? Did none of them tell the media, “Hey, bitch is gone!” to spare themselves from the Black Lives Matter goons?

    The police had to have been informed, and her staff had to have known, but the lovely Mrs Owens, who said, “I ran for this job — my neighbors did not,” didn’t let the mob know she wasn’t living there, so they could keep on threatening her neighbors, but not herself.

  3. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    Pretty sure the neighbors feel about her the same way as Rimjob’s feel about him.


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