Hanoi Jane Is Super Excited To Push Civil Disobedience On ‘Climate Change’ Fight

Jane was late to the Hotcoldwetdry party, and is doing all she can to appropriate it, even as she takes lots of fossil fueled trips and lives in a big, energy intensive mansion

‘Civil Disobedience Has to Become the New Norm.’ Jane Fonda on the Fight Against Climate Change

Jane Fonda wants to teach you about climate change. In the fall of 2019, Fonda regularly convened with fellow climate activists—and some of her Hollywood friends—on the steps of the U.S. Capitol Building to call for a Green New Deal and other government action on climate change. The protests, which she called “Fire Drill Fridays,” deliberately ended in arrest.

Now, Fonda has written a new book about the experience. What Can I Do?: My Path from Climate Despair to Action, to be published Sept. 8, recounts stories from her time on the frontlines advocating for climate solutions. The book is presented as a guide for those who are concerned about the issue but unsure of how to help, offering both the science behind climate change and ways to take action.

Fonda spoke to TIME about the stakes of the movement, being inspired by young climate activists and her response to apathetic voters.

Her time on the front lines. What, all of a year, when she attempted to hijack St. Greta’s movement, apparently to cash in on weak minded climate cultists? I wonder what the carbon footprint is of all the trees killed to publish the book and distribute it? Anyhow, what does she recommend people do in their own lives?

Do you think your book will get older voters to think about climate change and affect the way they vote?

They’re already thinking about it! The young climate strikers globally have had a lot to do with that. I’m targeting the people who notice the climate crisis and don’t know what to do about it. I’m teaching them more and then giving people things to do… Civil disobedience has to become the new norm. No matter who is elected in November.

That’s weird, it’s almost like this is political

Because of climate or everything else going on in the world?

Because of everything—and out of everything, what looms is the climate crisis. If we don’t cut our fossil fuel emissions in half by 2030, everything will not only become much, much harder, but a lot of things—equality, democracy, stability in our society—will become impossible. What I want to tell voters who say, “I can’t decide who to vote for. I don’t really believe in Joe Biden,” is, “Hey, I’d rather push a moderate than fight a fascist.”

What’s this we on cutting fossil fuels? People like Jane don’t. And, really, no one cares about having their own lives negatively affected by climate policies, especially those who push it the hardest. is it any wonder that a communist sympathizer loves a hardcore Modern Socialist movement?

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3 Responses to “Hanoi Jane Is Super Excited To Push Civil Disobedience On ‘Climate Change’ Fight”

  1. mike says:

    Real civil disobedience is to break a law for the purpose of having it challenged in court.
    During the Civil Rights movement, black leaders would announce to police which diner they would attempt to eat lunch in, so they could be arrested and have their day in court.
    The cowardly weasels of today think civil disobedience is breaking the law, wearing a mask and not carrying ID so they WON’T get caught.

  2. pouncer says:

    With no intention or invitation to others of accelerating the necessity of such a ceremony, I suggest it is none too early to begin organizing the details of Hanoi Jane’s eventual and inevitable funeral.

    There is going to be a long line of people who want the chance to confirm her demise, spit on the grave, etc.

    For example of the planning necessary:

    Remember that scene in the movie Charade where James Coburn’s character — a veteran and Texan — stabs a pin into the corpse of the man who had betrayed him? Multiple by several hundred thousand… But if everybody who WANTS to, DOES, then there won’t be any unperforated tissue left to bury in the grave everybody hopes to spit on. So we should organize a few designated pin-pushers — one every hundred attendees, or so, who completes the action in the view of and on behalf of others.

  3. George_Banner says:

    Aaaahhhhh! . . . red jane . . . sitting on an AAA gook gun with a gook helmet while our guys were flying above . . .
    Many civilizations used to kill traitors.

    I guess pussyfication has its price.

    Better start learning the new ways, uh?

    “I pledge allegiance
    to the Red Flag of the United Socialist States of America,
    and to the Collective for which it stands,
    one Province of the New World Order under George Soros,
    obedient to the One World Government,
    with social justice and intersectionality for all.
    For Marx and Lenin and Marcuse, amen!!”

    “Climate change” is just another leftoxenomorph con job.

    It’s easy: just look who’s pushing for something. If it’s leftoxenomorphs, it’s another con job and you can safely laugh at it.

    Got to give it to her, though: you need a humongous level of chutzpah being a traitor to talk about “civil disobedience”

    BS, as a career, should have consequences.

    But we have managed to remove consequences for leftoxenomorphs, and most especially for vagina bearers, sorry, “Individuals With A Cervix”

    pouncer says: “Remember that scene in the movie Charade where James Coburn’s character — a veteran and Texan — stabs a pin into the corpse of the man who had betrayed him?” I do.

    In her case a wooden stake through the heart and cutting the head might be in order. “It’s the only way to be sure.”

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