Good News: Openly Antifa Member Could Be Portland’s Next Mayor

Hey, you know how Democrats and their pet media say that Antifa doesn’t exist, that it’s a figment of Conservative’s imaginations, despite all the flags and symbols and groups and such?

‘I Am Antifa’: Antifa Supporter Sarah Iannarone Could Be Portland’s Next Mayor

Portland’s next mayor could be an open supporter of Antifa, the violent, far-left movement whose members have unleashed violence in cities across America.

Left-wing activist Sarah Iannarone will face incumbent Democratic Mayor Ted Wheeler in a runoff election on Nov. 3 after neither candidate received a majority of votes in the first round of voting.

Wheeler beat Iannarone in the first round of voting, but has faced criticism from both sides of the political spectrum over his handling of the city’s nightly unrest, which has included nearly 30 riots since late May. A supporter of President Donald Trump was shot and killed Saturday night during a pro-Trump demonstration in Portland.

Iannarone, whose platform includes a “Housing for All” plank and a pledge to slash the city’s police funding, identified herself as a member of the Antifa movement in a January 2019 tweet.

“To those who say Antifa are violent thugs: I am not a violent thug and I am Antifa,” she wrote.

“I am Antifa because the Red Hats are coming after brown & black people, after Jews, after queer & trans people, and more. They are coming after our democracy,” she added.

Interesting. Does she realize that it’s her side that hates Jews and Israel, who side with the terrorist Palestinians who attack civilians? Anyhow, on one hand you have the rioting permissive Ted Wheeler, on the other hand you have the person who says she is part of the rioters. Tough choice, Portland!

Ted’s more concerned with the police officer defending himself while at the same time defending Wheeler’s home. There’s been sensless violence for over 100 days.

It’s not as easy for the other residents to escape. Or move their businesses. Well, those that haven’t been destroyed.

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7 Responses to “Good News: Openly Antifa Member Could Be Portland’s Next Mayor”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Why not? AmeriKKKa has it’s first openly white supremacist president!

  2. Kye says:

    Great idea.

  3. Dana says:

    Hey, if the voters choose Sarah Iannarone in November, it’s on them. It would be interesting to see what an Antifa mayor would do.

    Best scenario: President Trump is re-elected, and we have a quasi-conservative federal government, along with a wholly fascist/socialist city government in Portland. The big corporations will quit the city, leaving higher unemployment, and the rest of the country will get to see what putting the far left in power really means. Then, in 2024, the Republican ticket of Nikki Haley and Kristi Noem win the White House!

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