Cancel Culture Comes For D.C. Monuments And Statues

Hey, remember when Modern Socialists were telling people who objected to bad things on television that if they didn’t like it they should just change the channel? If the SJW cancel culture nuts don’t like these statues and monuments they can just not look. Or leave the country, since they seem to hate it so much

DC Panel Calls for Removing, Relocating, or ‘Contextualizing’ Washington Monument, Other Landmarks

A committee formed by D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser issued a report Tuesday recommending the removal, relocation, or contextualization of the Washington Monument and a number of federal monuments and buildings in Washington,DC.

Bowser formed the District of Columbia Facilities and Commemorative Expressions, or “DC FACES” committee in July, to study assets in D.C. named after individuals to “ensure these individuals reflect contemporary DC values,” according to the report.

The committee was asked to make recommendations if a namesake is “inconsistent with DC values and in some way encouraged the oppression of African Americans and other communities of color or contributed to our long history of systemic racism.”

The report recommended:

Using the Mayor’s position on the National Capital Memorial Advisory Commission, [to] recommend the Federal government remove, relocate, or contextualize the following assets:

1. Christopher Columbus – Columbus Fountain (federal)
2. Benjamin Franklin – Benjamin Franklin Statue (federal)
3. Andrew Jackson – Andrew Jackson Statue (federal)
4. Thomas Jefferson – Jefferson Memorial (federal)
5. George Mason – George Mason Memorial (federal)
6. Francis Griffith Newlands – Newlands Memorial Fountain (federal)
7. Albert Pike – Albert Pike Statue (federal)
8. George Washington – Washington Monument, George Washington Statue (federal)

The committee was made up of eight working group members and more than 20 staff members.

It focused on “key disqualifying histories, including participation in slavery, systemic racism, mistreatment of, or actions that suppressed equality for, persons of color, women and LGBTQ communities and violation of the DC Human Right Act.”

Bugger off. They also want to rename streets, buildings, schools, parks, roads, buildings, and so much more.

Exactly, Tom. And if the report is using the BLM street graffiti as its cover, it’s a hardcore exclusionary group with Marxist roots.

BTW, what are DC Values? Murder, theft, riots, arson? The District of Columbia has a crime rate of 3, meaning it is safer than 3% of US cities. The only metric that isn’t above U.S. averages is burglary. Heck, the U.S. average for crimes per square mile is 31.1. D.C.’s is 552.

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5 Responses to “Cancel Culture Comes For D.C. Monuments And Statues”

  1. Est1950 says:

    “It might be right,” Napolitano told host Stuart Varney. “President Trump’s term ends at precisely noon on Jan. 20, 2021. If the Electoral College has not yet named a successor, presumably either Donald Trump or Joe Biden, then whoever is the speaker of the House would become the acting president of the United States.”

    A couple weeks ago the DNC did a war game simulation about the election. An Article was just written Called the Red Mirage in which the left says Trump will landslide on election night but as ballots continue to be counted after the election In reality Joe Biden will Landslide.

    After the War games Hillary Clinton told Joe Biden publicly under no circumstances to concede on election night.

    Mail in Voting is the lefts scheme to steal this election. They have dehumanized the right. We are Nazi’s and White Supremicists and Racists. Once you do that to the opposition we have been dehumanized and therefore we can be cheated, beaten, killed without remorse.

    The 2020 Election will be stolen from Trump you can count on it. There plans are to put Nancy Pelosi in office for 1-3 months, let her use executive actions to undo everything Trump has done and in their delusional state it will be the local elections where the grand theft will happen.

    IN an era in which polling has trump now trouncing Biden the Marxist media would have us believe that Biden is leading by 50 points. Civil war is coming.

    I am serious. Everyone believes it, Ammunition is unavailable in major cities. People are fleeing big cities in droves. Hollywood is fleeing to Zurich, New Zealand and other nations that seem stable. Billionaires have already fled the USA. NYC is a ghost town when it comes to those able to leave.

    All those awesome big cities the left always brags about are cemeteries when the fighting starts, and to make matters worse, the Right is now mobilizing and over 700 militia’s have popped up over the course of the last 3 months.

    This is being patterned after the revolution in South America. It all began as race riots that escalated into all out civil war.

    The Central American crisis began in the late 1970s, when major civil wars and communist revolutions erupted in various countries in Central America, causing it to become the world’s most volatile region in terms of socioeconomic change. In particular, the United States feared that victories by communist forces would cause the rest of South America to become isolated from the United States if the governments of the Central American countries were overthrown and pro- Soviet communist

    Look Familiar folks?

  2. Dana says:

    They want to remove or relocate the Washington Monument? Have they never seen the Washington Monument?

    The left are being led around by their nose rings by the most far-left whackos around, and are seemingly unwilling to allow the adults to take charge. They are very much in the process of helping Donald Trump win re-election.

    • Kye says:

      Does anyone believe they will “relocate” the Washington Monument but leave the city with the name Washington, DC?

      BTW, “relocate” in their parlance is a euphemism for “blow up”. Communists don’t “remove” something, they destroy it. Look around.

      Trump 2020 Unless you want to be “relocated”.

  3. History is what happened in the past. Tearing down a statue, damaging a monument, renaming a building or a city does not change history. Even if you succeed in your efforts, history remains what happened. If you cover up what actually happened, someone else will discover your efforts and make reality public again. Poor abused Columbus really did discover America, and it remains a darn good thing he did.

  4. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Hundreds of buildings, highways, schools, institutes and airports were named after Ronald Reagan. In many instances “Reagan” supplanted or cancelled other historical names. Were these instances also efforts to destroy history?

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