Gutsy Kids Call Our Florida’s Government Or Something

I especially enjoy how the oldster writing this spent a lifetime of fossil fueled travel but now wants to restrict Other People

These gutsy kids called out Florida officials on climate change | Column

My name is Dick Jacobs. I’m 89 years old, mostly a retired business attorney. For the past four years I’ve been in the fight of my life battling stage IV melanoma cancer. But as tough as that fight is, there’s another life or death battle – one that is a far tougher, and more important than my bout with cancer – that’s inspired me to action.

It all started after more than four decades of venture travel, trekking over the seven continents and writing Wonderlust, which chronicled my treks and the lessons I learned about caring for our Earth, the only home we have. I became convinced that I had to devote myself to helping our Earth with its growing cancer.

Thus, I became involved with eight gutsy kids and their suit against Florida, its governor and its key officials. The kids’ lawsuit isn’t about money. Their lawsuit is about protecting the kids’ constitutional, and fundamental rights, sourced in ancient laws over 1,500 years old, to a stable climate, which is essential to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness.

There is no constitutional right to a specific climate, to a so-called stable climate, which Mankind has never had.

These young people—and young people across the globe—know that their future depends on the actions we take right now. They understand there is a short window to avoid the worst impacts of climate change by transitioning to clean energy solutions. They know Florida needs a plan to end the fossil fuel energy system the state has perpetuated.

These kids are role models for us all…..

…I’ve heard comments shaming their parents for using their kids as pawns, putting them up to the litigation. Nothing could be further from the truth. As we met with the kids, it became clear that the kids were genuinely worried about the impacts of climate change on their future and they weren’t being pushed into this by parents. An amazingly sharp group, the youngest was Levi, then 8 years old. Levi’s been on 60 Minutes. Delaney Reynolds, now a University of Miami student, has been a speaker on climate issues before the United Nations. Luxha Aliheligi Phillips, an articulate 14 year old when I met her, is now a climate refugee, having left Miami. She is not alone. And it’s predicted that 2.5 million more people will be leaving Miami in the not too distant future because of global warming and rising seas.

An 8 year old isn’t going to understand any of this. They’ve been indoctrinated.

The kids deserve our support. Won’t you stand with them before it’s too late?

Stand with them to do what, exactly? Let government tax me more, take more of my hard-earned money? Let them take away my freedom, liberty, and choice? Restrict how I live my life? Increase my cost of energy and cost of living? No thanks!

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9 Responses to “Gutsy Kids Call Our Florida’s Government Or Something”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    William Teach claims the attorney (an oldster) is too old and the 8 yr old is too young to understand.

    Yet at his age, William Teach doesn’t “understand any of this”. Teach has been indoctrinated.

    WT typed: Let government tax me more, take more of my hard-earned money? Let them take away my freedom, liberty, and choice? Restrict how I live my life? Increase my cost of energy and cost of living? No thanks!

    The US has spent some $10 TRILLION in the past 2 months. From where does he think that money will come from?? We’re borrowing $10 TRILLION to maintain the status quo, but no investment in a better future. And Teach whines about HIS taxes and HIS hardships.

    What Teach didn’t copy and paste is that Mr. Jacobs is a registered Republican for over 60 years and an actual conservative.

    • formwiz says:

      Where does the money for global wahoo come?

      It’s an investment in the kind of life we’ve has for 2 1/2 months and people don’t like it any more than they liked IdiotCare, another of Jeffery’s Commie wet dreams.

      Fact is, a lot of the money spent on jumpstarting the economy will come back as tax revenue as more people get back to work (the ones who aren’t in jail because of Dr Evil’s latest attempt at overthrowing the government). How much money is made from the lockdown? The same as made from global wahoo when most businesses are closed down and everybody’s on welfare.

      Mr. Jacobs is a registered Republican for over 60 years and an actual conservative.

      IOW A Whig.

    • Bill589 says:

      Lying hypocrite Elwood P. Dowd. As all Leftists/Warmists have to be.
      All you have is hate and lies.

  2. Klemdadiddlehopper says:

    The MSNBC, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, PBR airwaves are full of REGISTERED REPUBLICANS all bashing Trump and his anti-globalist stance.

    George W. Bush campaigned for senators and reps in 2016 giving speech after speech about the need for GLOBALIZATION. HIS DADDY and his daddies daddy got rich off the sweat of the GLOBAL POOR.

    Just as in the democratic party you have the wall street liberals and the communist progressives. So is Obama a progressive or HRC or JOE BIDEN? Not on your life. They are wall street whores taking money hand over fist while paying lip service to communism.

    Just as the GOP has two types of Conservtives now. Those that value globalism and wall street at the expense of personal freedom and independent thinking. Conservatives covet wars to make their MIc RICH. Just as wall street liberals do the same thing.

    Last year Nancy Pelosi didnt bat an eye at Trumps budget which contained the largest military budget in the history of the USA. Why? She got her laundry list. Trump got his.

    William Teach is a helluva lot more intelligent than 50 centers. He understands the nuances of both parties unlike someone from China sitting in their cubicle writing racist posts and plotting the overthrow of the us government.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:


      What do you think it means that tRump has lost millions of registered Republicans?

      What exactly is the nuCon platform? Is it just whatever tRump shouts, you’ll support?

      tRump is a pseudopopulist selling bullshit to his masses. Can you explain why you adore him so? He’s mean-spirited, selfish and cruel. Is that it? He promised to balance the budget. Is that it? He claims to oppose abortion. Is that it? He promised to increase the defense budget but not use the military. Is that it? He promised jobs, jobs, jobs and wage increases? Is that it? He’s not a Dem? Is that it?

      • Klemdadiddlehopper says:

        I would suggest you ask yourself that about the democratic party.

        If you know anything about the 2016 election one of the biggest angst the right had about the left was the incessant political correctness and how the right had been shoved into a corner.

        Trump cured that. And if for no other reason that to see people like you whining and crying me a river that was worth every ugly tweet, crappy BIGGLY SPEECHES just to watch leftist heads explode with rage.

        Trump is herpes to the left. You itche and scratch and you cant dig hard enough or deep enough to squelch that itch.

        Orange man bad was elected because YOUR side failed to keep jobs in america. Trump has fought hard to bring them back. Harder to bring them back than the last 4 presidents worked in shipping them overseas to a CCP nation that hates everything about the west.

        We like Trump because his presidency has exposed the corruption and muck that is threatening to drag good people down. He passes laws that help blacks and whites and hispanics. And don’t give me that shit his tax cuts only help the rich. Even progressives openly admit they helped the middle class. Alot.

        Trump is rude, crude and abusive. He is the chemo therapy to the cancer that is not just the left but the right as well. Perhaps rolling a Trumpgrenade into the swamp will clean a little bit of it and toss back the first layer of a deep swamp.

        We want our country back from deep state monsters who have had us in wars from 1961-1973 and 2001-2020. With a proxy war from 1980-1988. So for 39 year out of the last 50 we have been at WAR. WE ARE FUKING TIRED OF IT!

  3. formwiz says:

    The Demos need Trump voters to win and they don’t have them.

    And this little orgy we’ve seen the last 4 days will hand him the election.

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