‘Climate Change’ Is Killing Way More People Than Recorded Or Something

I blame card carrying members of the doomsday Cult of Climastrology for refusing to give up their own use of fossil fuels and making their own lives carbon neutral, living like it’s 1499

Experts Warn Climate Change Is Already Killing Way More People Than We Record

People around the world are already dying from the climate crisis, and yet all too often, official death records do not reflect the impact of these large-scale environmental catastrophes.

According to a team of Australian health experts, heat is the most dominant risk posed by climate change in the country. If the world’s emissions remain the same, by 2080 Australian cities could see at least four times the number of deaths from increasing temperatures alone.

“Climate change is a killer, but we don’t acknowledge it on death certificates,” says physician Arnagretta Hunter from the Australian National University.

That’s a potentially serious oversight. In a newly-published correspondence, Hunter and four other public health experts estimate Australia’s mortality records have substantially underreported heat-related deaths – at least 50-fold.

Apparently, people didn’t die from the weather prior to CO2 crossing the 350ppm threshold. Or is since 1978? Or 1999? Or all the way back to the beginning of the Industrial Revolution? Warmists typically just pick and choose their time frame. Anyhow, people die from weather events. Soon, the Warmists will start blaming cold weather related deaths on ‘climate change’.

“If you have an asthma attack and die during heavy smoke exposure from bushfires, the death certificate should include that information,” she adds.

Without those data, we’ll never truly know the scale of what we are dealing with. But while it’s possible to diagnose someone with a heart attack or cancer, it’s much harder to draw links between climate events and human mortality.

The authors of the correspondence compare it to a lightning strike, which might cause a branch to fall on a person and kill them. The thing is, the resulting death certificate might not make any reference to the lightning at all, only the branch.

Wildfires have always happened, and, since a majority of them tend to be set by humans rather than spontaneous combustion from a minor 1.5F increase in global temperatures, yeah, this is just fear-mongering from a doomsday cult.

“Climate change is a concern to many people. But if the effect of extreme temperatures is not recorded, its full impact can never be understood,” the authors argue.

What’s so extreme about 1.5F? Go ahead and set your AC up 2 degrees. While it might not be as comfortable for sleeping as you are used to, do you feel doomed?

“Death certification needs to be modernised, indirect causes should be reported, with all death certification prompting for external factors contributing to death, and these death data must be coupled with large-scale environmental datasets so that impact assessments can be done.”

Well, if we’re going to do that, why not record “dead due to Liberal policies”? “Dead because lived in a Leftist city”? That makes a whole lot more sense than “dead because weather happened that has always happened by now we’re going to blame it on witchcraft”.

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