We Need To Heed Bat Soup Viruses Warning Of “Climate Apartheid” Or Something

The funny part of this new talking point is that it blames rich Democratic Party voters

We Need to Heed COVID-19’s Warning of “Climate Apartheid”

Just last week, The New York Times released shocking data about the number of New Yorkers who have fled the city as the COVID-19 pandemic struck. According to the data collected, the city’s wealthiest neighborhoods have emptied out the most and emptied out the fastest over the last few months. In the Times’ coverage, professor Andy Horowitz characterized such flight as “an instinctive reaction.” Yet while everyone may feel the instinct to flee, not everyone can afford to do so when disaster hits. As the data makes clear, many of those who can afford to run away from the storm do so without hesitation, while those who cannot are left behind to weather it with no choice in the matter.

The gulf between those who can flee and those who cannot in the midst of the pandemic gives us only a small taste of what “climate apartheid” may look like in the decades to come. As the climate crisis accelerates, inundating coastal areas from Red Hook, Brooklyn to the Rockaways, Queens and beyond, it is the poor and marginalized who will be hit the hardest and hit first. But in one way or another, all of us will ultimately suffer the consequences of a fossil fuel-dependent system not built to withstand the damage to our planet and our homes that it produces. This stark reality is not unique to New York. Instead, it is emblematic of what cities and towns across the country and world may face as soon as 2030.

So, wait, is Ilana Cohen saying that rich Democrats will abandon their liberal strongholds leaving the poor behind to suffer? Huh.

There’s much more climafear mongering, all the normal kinds if idiocy you expect, but, consider: we have a time offered of 2030. When this doesn’t come to pass in just 10 years, what will the Cult of Climastrology then say? Oh, right, “may face as soon as.” They’ll just scaremonger than it is still coming. Cult.

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